Quality & quality assurance

We are constantly striving towards discovering new products, optimizing them so we can ensure the highest quality. Only then will our products make it to the shop - guaranteed!

Our goal is a supply of top-quality products affordable for everyone. For this reason we offer our hemp-products for fair prices: fair for our personnel and fair for our costumers.

Quality standard

  • Product tests on contents of cannabinoids, microorganisms, residue of heavy metal, resolvent or the like as well as publication of certificates.
  • We are ever trying to find the most regional solution. The hemp plants for our oils and CBDeus-product line are mostly gathered from lower Austria's Waldviertel.
  • We try to keep our transportation routes as low as possible to minimize our carbon-footprint.
  • Our advertising material and our business cards are made from recycled paper.
  • Instead of plastic, the packaging of our products is mostly made from paper, glass or biodegradable cellulose.
  • All the furniture in our shop and our office were either donated, second-hand or self-made from wood or hemp.
  • We happily take all your empty Magu-containers back and recycle them!

Conditions of cultivation

Our philosophy concerning the cultivation of our plants consists of supporting a sustainable biological cycle - as defined by permaculture.

No chemicals, no herbicides, no pesticides. We think highly on rainwater, normal soil, biological fertilizer, microorganisms and the use of beneficial organisms (like ladybird beetle larvae against pests) as well as intercropping and mixed cultivation (like mint, lavender or coriander planted in between the hemp plants to protect them from mildew and other afflictions).

With the help of our automated climate control unit, we can guarantee consistent quality.

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Disclaimer: CBD products are not medications and cannot diagnose, treat or cure disease. Always consult your own physician before starting any new diet program.