Why does MAGU not (yet) have HHC flowers?

HHC Blüten

Since a few months we have high quality HHC products in our assortment. Again and again we are asked for HHC flowers, because they are already offered by some retailers. Why there are no HHC flowers at MAGU (yet), we tell you in this blog post.

How are HHC flowers produced?

There are no natural HHC flowers. The HHC flowers that can be found on the market so far are mostly processed with chemical solvents. You can imagine the process as follows: Cannabis flowers are dipped into or sprayed with a chemical solution containing HHC. The solvents are then evaporated again.

At MAGU, we stand for natural CBD and CBG flowers that come without chemical solvents. Our flowers are all unwashed and untreated. Since the beginning we put great emphasis on naturalness. That is why at MAGU we do not sell HHC flowers that come into contact with ingredients not derived from hemp.

We are currently working on a reasonable method to apply HHC gently and free of chemical solvents to the flowers! As soon as we succeed, you can also buy high-quality HHC flowers at MAGU.

Which HHC products are available at MAGU?

Here you can find safe and 100% legal HHC products from Premium High. We have two different HHC oils 10% in the varieties Ultra Skunk and Mega Berry. In addition, you will find a high-purity HHC raw material with 96% HHC and natural terpenes from our own cultivation. If you like it more fruity, the HHC raw material Mega Berry with wild berry flavor is just right for you. Recently we also have a pressed pollinate “Tera Moroccan” with 30% HHC content and 5% CBG.

You can find out even more about HHC and how we make it in the blog article: “What is HHC – Everything you need to know at a glance“.

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Hemp pollinate mixed with pure HHC extract




  • HHC Pollinate
  • Without chemical additives
  • With natural terpenes
HHC extract with live terpenes
  • high purity HHC for refilling
  • laboratory tested
  • without THC