Flowerbuds rich in CBD, grown indoor and inhouse. With a maximal CBD content of 3 - 10%

Great variety of aroma: lemon, pine, mago, mint, blueberry, grapefruit, passion fruit, diesel and so on.

Sissi, Franz und Co.
Be spoiled for choice

How did we come up with these names? Sissi, our beautiful empress, as our first sort. Therefore it was clear that our second sort would be named after her husband.
Eventually Franz was sold out, since then it is rumored that Sissi is having an affair with Juan...


As renowned austrian CBD pioneers we guarantee top quality standards through:

  • Gentlest procedures of flower top drying with subsequent fermentation to supply full development of terpenes and aroma
  • strict controls (rigorous controls) on cannabinoid contents, microorganisms, heavy metals, dissolvers (and so on)
  • high-quality, regional products and raw materials (resources) made in austria
  • sustainable, environmentally beneficial and recyclable packages

For additional information on quality standards follow this link

Sustainability & regionality

Magu flower tops are packaged in glass (glassware) due to the fact that glas is the most easiy recyclable resource next to paper. Within glas our products can't dry out leaving the quality unchanged whilst being environmentally beneficial.

100% of our flower tops are grown, harvested and packaged in austria.

Minimal carbon footprint due to short-range transports.

CBD flower tops production facility of the future

Our philosophy concerning the cutivation of our plants consists of supporting a sustainable biological cycle - as defined by permaculture.

No chemicals, no herbicides, no pesticides. We think highly on rainwater, normal soil, biological fertilizer, microorganisms and the use of beneficial organisms (useful animals) (ladybird beetle larvae against pest) as well as intercropping (mixed cultivation) (mint, lavender or coriander planted inbetween the hemp plants protect them from mildew and other diseases / afflictions).

With the help of our automated climate control unit we can guarantee constant (unchanging) quality.


CBD-Flowers Sissi
<p>CBD-Blüten Sissi 2g</p>

CBD-Blüten Sissi 2g

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<p>CBD-Blüten Sissi 5g</p>

CBD-Blüten Sissi 5g

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<p>CBD-Blüten Sissi 10g</p>

CBD-Blüten Sissi 10g

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Franz CBD flowers
<p>Franz 2g</p>

Franz 2g

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<p>Franz 5g</p>

Franz 5g

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<p>Franz 10g</p>

Franz 10g

74.90 Buy
ÖG Kush CBD flowers
<p>CBD-Blüten ÖG Kush 2g</p>

CBD-Blüten ÖG Kush 2g

19.90 Buy
<p>CBD-Blüten ÖG Kush 5g</p>

CBD-Blüten ÖG Kush 5g

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<p>CBD-Blüten ÖG Kush 10g</p>

CBD-Blüten ÖG Kush 10g

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Maria CBD flowers
<p>Maria 2g</p>

Maria 2g

19.90 Buy
<p>Maria 5g</p>

Maria 5g

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Cannabis 74.90 Buy
Johanna CBD flowers
<p>Johanna 2g</p>

Johanna 2g

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<p>Johanna 5g</p>

Johanna 5g

39.90 Buy
Cannabis 74.90 Buy