CBD in its purest form

Aquired by gentle carbon extraction and subsequent filtration we produce CBD with a purity of >99%.

Our crystals aren't bio-active and therefore need fat or alcohol as a vehicle to be incorporated by the body.
0% THC

CBD-Crystals 500mg >99% CBD-Crystals 500mg >99% 34.00 Buy
CBD crystals 1000mg >99% CBD crystals 1000mg >99% 54.00 Sold Out


Finest herb mixture

Our organic "Riechkraut", also available with CBD, is a corporate project with herb expert Marissa Cosima Vitelli.

Long before tabacco conquered Europe, our ancestors smoked and fumigated domestic (native) herbs, leaves and flower tops. Back then the connection between humans and plants was celebrated in this way.

Organic Scent Herb with CBD Organic Scent Herb with CBD 15.00 Sold Out
Organic Scent Herb Organic Scent Herb 7.00 Sold Out

Organic hemp tea

For relaxing moments on stressful days

Our organic hemp flowerbuds and leaves tea respectively hemp flowerbuds tea is rich on antioxidants and flavonoids. It has a pleasant, softly bitter taste with a nuance of honey.

Organic-Hemptea - Flowers Organic-Hemptea - Flowers 17.00 Sold Out
Organic-Hemptea - Leaves and flowers Organic-Hemptea - Leaves and flowers 8.00 Sold Out