After Sun Elixir


Refreshes and revitalizes sensitive skin after sunbathing and prolongs a natural tan.

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The Elixir’s rich formula refreshes and revitalizes sensitive skin after sunbathing and helps maintain a natural tan. It calms and protects irritated, sensitive skin that has lost its moisture, flexibility and softness.

The Elixir’s natural formula is enriched with the extract of St. John’s wort, a herb traditionally used for medical treatment of wounds, burns and skin inflammation. The combined power of the hereby used natural extracts soothes and renews the skin, and keeps your summer tan going for a long time.

It is designed with the needs of sensitive skin in mind, helping it maintain its flexibility, reliability and softness during prolonged exposure to the sun. The ideal ratio of omega-fatty acids supports natural skin renewal and enhances its self-protective role.

Gently massage the Elixir into the cleansed skin, ideally after a shower when the pores are open and ready to receive all the nourishing ingredients.

Ultra-clean formula
The organically grown oils are extracted using the cold-pressed method at low temperatures without solvents or alcohol, which makes the formulation well-suited for even the most sensitive skin types.

Dermatologically tested, Aromacert-certified, vegan-friendly, never tested on animals.

Key Ingredients
– Cold-pressed hemp oil
– Extracts of St John’s wort
– Marigold
– Lemongrass oil