Johanna CBD flowers


CBD 4-6% THC <0,2%

Aroma: grapefruit, pine, mint
Strain: Cannabis-Sativa

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Johanna conjures a fresh breeze that flows through luscious pine woods.
Her minty nuance lets you assume that
she is the fresh and younger sister of Maria.

Aroma: grapefruit, pine, mint

The austrian brand MAWU stands for
high-quality CBD hemp products,
that deliver what they promise.

Cannabinoid certificate:
Johanna / Diana

What is MAWU?

MAWU, these are delicate CBD flower
tops with versatile aromas. Named after
the African goddess of life’s creation,
MAWU stands for sustainability, regionality and the highest quality.

We guarantee

All flower tops originate
from Austria and are
sold and distributed
under fair terms.


As renowned Austrian CBD pioneers we guarantee the highest quality standards via:

* strict quality controls on cannabinoid contents, microorganisms, heavy metals (and so on)
* high-quality, regional products and raw resources
* sustainable, environmentally beneficial and recyclable packaging


Due to the fact that paper can be easily recycled,
our flower tops are packed up in cardboard containers.
They include resealable packaging.
Eco-bags guarantee stable quality.


Grown, harvested and packaged in Austria.

Minimal carbon footprint due to short-range transport. EU-Nutzhanfsorte. EU certified industrial hemp

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