Nurturing Face Cream

  • natural ingredients
  • dermatologically tested
  • vegan & animal-free

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What is the nurturing hemp face cream?

This nurturing hemp face cream for dry skin is enriched with a therapeutic blend of CBD, hemp hydrolate and organic hemp oil. Hemp hydrolate is a precious extract of the hemp plant and the main ingredient of the nourishing face cream, which ensures that the microcirculation is improved. Thus, the face cream provides natural relief and well-being to sensitive skin.

The balanced concentration of omega fatty acids nourishes the skin and supports its natural renewal process. With regular use, the nourishing face cream improves the appearance of fine lines and provides a supple, fresh complexion by balancing the skin’s natural oil and moisture production.

Tip: The nurturing hemp face cream also as an eye cream!

The nurturing hemp face cream can also be used as an eye cream, as it improves the appearance of fine lines and provides supple, velvety soft and visibly revitalized skin.


  • Highest Quality
  • Cruelty Free
  • Plant based
  • Eco-friendly


For which skin type?

The nurturing hemp face cream is especially suitable for dry and irritated skin. Not the right one for your skin? Then you can find an overview of all our creams here. Keep in mind! Of course, you can also use several creams in combination and thus specifically address the needs of your skin.


The rich cream should always be used in the morning and evening, as well as when an additional moisture boost is needed. It is quickly absorbed and provides long-lasting, intensive care. It is best to apply always after cleansing the skin to thoroughly remove dirt and make-up beforehand and optimally prepare the skin for care.


  • Hemp flower hydrolate
  • Cold pressed hemp oil
  • Damascene rose
  • Hyaluronic acid, Q10


Ultra Clean Formulation

The organic oils are obtained by the cold pressing process at low temperatures without the addition of solvents or alcohol, and is therefore also particularly well tolerated.


Dermatologically tested

Proven to be non-irritating to skin and suitable for atopic and sensitive skin.
Aromacert certified, vegan, animal-free.