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What is this Premium High Vaporizer?

Our vaporizer for dabs allows you to fully enjoy your own extracts and dabs. The product includes an empty cartridge, a suitable battery (battery 350 mAh) and a USB charger.

Important additional info: The cartridge has cotton at the bottom and therefore wears out quickly. We recommend changing the cartridge after the third refill at the latest.

To help you get the most out of your vaporizer, we recommend adding our Premium High Dab 1ml to your product. Our Dab comes in the Ultra Skunk 96% variety. As the name suggests, the strain combines 96% HHC and 4% natural terpenes from our fresh hemp plants. The high purity premium high hemp extract meets the highest quality standards and is regularly checked for purity, solvent residues, pesticides and heavy metals.

Recommendation: variety Ultra Skunk 96%


  • 96% HHC
  • 4% Live Terps

Inspires your mind and provides maximum relaxation.

What are live terps?

Live Terps are obtained directly from the fresh plant by distillation, even before it is dried. Thus, all essential oils formed by the hemp plant can be obtained.

The big difference with terpenes is that a large proportion is already volatilized during the drying process. Live Terps have a unique aroma.

Aroma product. Keep out of reach of children. Packaging material from Austria.

How long can I get by with one Premium High cartridge?

This corresponds to approximately 400 to 600 trains.

Can you have the Premium High cartridge refilled with liquid or do you have to buy a new one every time?

HHC is very sticky and without heating liquid, processing is extremely difficult. The glass must be heated beforehand (either in a water bath or with a lighter).

The cartridge has cotton at the bottom, which wears out over time, so we do not recommend using it for too long. We recommend a maximum refill of 3 times.

What do I do if the Premium High cartridge sticks?

This occurs very rarely, and if you don’t remove the silicone cap, it’s even less likely.

However, if it does happen: Clean the hole in the black ceramic element with a toothpick, disconnect the cartridge from the battery and clean the contacts there as well.

How do I know that my battery is dead?

If the light flashes when using, it is a sign that the battery is about to run out. Simply screw the USB Charger to the battery and charge for about 2 hours.