MAWU Vape Kit Franz 54%

  • Complete set for 420 puffs
  • Cartridge + Battery
  • Hemp extract from 8g flowers

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What does the MAWU Vape Kit Franz contain?

MAWU VAPE KIT Franz is ideal for those who want to try a vaporizer once. The set contains a MAWU Stick  in the Franz variety, as well as a battery and a USB charging cable. This means that nothing stands in the way of enjoyment completely free of harmful substances. The VAPE STICK means 100% CBD enjoyment and 0% harmful substances.

What is the MAWU Stick Franz?

The MAWU STICK Franz bridges the gap between technology, urban simplicity and the love for the pleasure of hemp. The MAWU STICK Franz contains 100% pure hemp extract with natural terpenes from our own in Austria grown BIO hemp flowers. In total, the MAWU STICK contains the extract of whole 8g of CBD hemp flowers. Our CBD rich Cannabis Sativa flower Franz convinces with its flowery, balanced note, which also reminds of mountain herbs. Completely without harmful substances. 420 puffs of pure hemp extract. Our hemp extract has up to 5x higher bioavailability than for example CBD oil and capsules due to the absorption through the lungs and acts 20x faster. Bioavailability is a measure of how quickly and to what extent a substance is absorbed by the human organism.


  • 0.5 ml pure hemp extract (100%) to vaporize
  • Purest taste experience without combustion
  • 55% CBD (275mg), 12% CBG (60mg)
  • approx. 420 puffs (0.65mg CBD / 0.15mg CBG per puff)
  • Taste reminiscent of floral hillside & authentic cannabis
  • MAWU LOAD Battery 380mAh USB charging cable

Application of the Vape Kit Franz

In total, the MAWU STICK contains 420 puffs of pure hemp extract. The stop and go technique guarantees a consistent CBD delivery of 0.65g per puff. By tightening on the vaporizer, the vaporization process is activated. We recommend a maximum of 20 puffs per day. 1. charge MAWU Load Battery with supplied USB cable 2. insert MAWU Stick into MAWU Load Battery and enjoy.

Experiences with Vape Kit Franz

Customers report calming down in stressful situations and use our CBD vaporizer to wind down after work, before going to bed, or simply on the go. The automatic draw mechanism promises simple handling. The taste of our MAWU Stick is reminiscent of a flowery mountainside with a breeze of authentic cannabis.

Highest quality standards

We guarantee the highest quality standards through strict controls on cannabinoid content, microorganisms, heavy metals and more. No artificial additives, thinners or extenders. In addition, MAWU STICKS contain only terpenes found in the natural Franz flower. We made a conscious decision not to fortify with artificial terpenes, MCT Oil and PG VG because they either taste artificial or are a health concern.

Recyclable materials

We also consciously rely on recyclable materials that are harmless to health for MAWU STICKS: ceramics, safety glass, high-quality metal and silicone.

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