MAWU Vape Stick Franz

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What’s the MAWU STICK  Franz?

The MAWU STICK is a cartridge, loaded with 420 drags of pure CBD enjoyment. Our cartridges build the bridge between technology, urban simplicity and the love for enjoying hemp. Combined with the MAWU Vape Load Battery, our hemp extract can be vaporized 100% legally, 100% safely and completely without harmful pollutants. Ideal for those who want to use their vaporizer regularly in everyday situations. Our MAWU STICK Franz can be purchased on its own or as part of the MAWU VAPEKIT Franz.

How to use:

We recommend max. 20 drags per day.

1. Charging the MAWU Load Battery with the included USB-cable.

2. Put the MAWU STICK onto the MAWU Load Battery and enjoy!


• 0,5 ml pure hemp extract (100%) to vaporize

• a flavor rich experience without combustion

• 55% CBD (275mg), 12% CBG (60mg)

• ca. 420 drags (0,65mg CBD / 0,15mg CBG per drag)

• balanced, flowery, alpine herbs