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Our first strain is named after the famous Austrian empress ‘Sissi’ and is grown with love and light in Vienna. The flavour of this CBD cannabis sativa flowertop is sweet and fruity – with a CBD-content of 6,4% and a THC-content <0,3%.

The hemp we use for our product is a registered EU-hemp strain, which is grown with lots of love, water and light, hand-selected and dried in Vienna. We even offer classical music to our plants, because everything is a vibration.

You find these handselected and dried flowertops at Stiftgasse 19, 1070 Vienna or in our onlineshop.

Our plants are grown, fullfillling food standards and GMO-free. These flowertops are legal in Austria, due to a THC-threshold belo 0,3%. Registered EU-hemp strain. Due to Austrian rules and regulations we cannot recommend our products for internal use, it is also prohibited to make use thereof in any other way.

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