CBDeus Spray 2,5% limone

  • schnelle Wirkung
  • praktisch für unterwegs
  • ideal bei Prüfungssituationen


1-4 Werktage in Österreich
5-10 Werktage International
Austria’s first 100% water-soluble CBD – comparable with 25% CBD oil.

CBDeus spray with lemon aroma is made from pure cannabidiol. Thanks to our innovative method we made CBD available in water-soluble form, making it a CBD product of unprecedented quality.

For our CBDeus we mostly use hemp plants from Austria’s Waldviertel. All ingredients as well as packaging are made in Austria.
Austria’s first 100% water-soluble CBD

Patented formula: Thanks to our innovative method we made CBD available in water-soluble form.
10ml-vial contains 250mg CBD (in water-soluble form)

water, stabilizer (PEG H.C. Oil), ethanol, sweeteners (xylitol), CBD-isolate (2.5%), antioxidants (α-Tocopherol* and citric acid), preservative (E222), aethereal lemon oil
*Vitamin E

contains no THC
contains alcohol: 8.8 Vol.-%
Creme-dispenser top

CBD-content: 2.5%
Aroma: lemon

Vegan. No animal testing. Made in Austria. Highest quality.
Store in a place inaccessible to children and pets.
Store in a cool and dry place.Free from dyes (doesn’t contain any coloring).Filled in brown glass vials. Not only did we find the most functional, but also the most hygienic solution for our bottle tops: Spray-bottle tops mean no spillage and one-handed dispensing.Packaging materials made in Austria.We have sold our oils and CBDeus as food supplements until the end of 2018.According to a decree from the Ministry of Health, food supplements containing CBD are presumed to be novel food, according to renowned evaluators from all over Europe, CBD extracts may very well be sold as food supplements. Until this discussion concludes, our former food supplements are now categorized as aroma products with a new labeling. Content and quality remain the same, only the label has changed.