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MAGU considers itself as an enterprise with innovative ideas and was founded by ambitious people trying to configure our world in a more liberal way for all individuals. Accordingly, a high quality performance is important to us, as well as fair dealing with both, our staff and our clients. Against general trends we would like to run a business where all our employees are paid and treated decently. At the same time we offer our products at fair prices. We live and work according to the credo that products of cannabis should be affordable for everyone.

Our motivation is to give the cannabis plant a new place in our society and offer the opportunity to everyone to decide for himself or herself, what role the plant – which is known in Viennese dialect also as “Wiedl” or “Wiesn” – should play in Austria.

In addition to the distribution on-line we sell our products straight in our shop in the middle of Vienna, where you also can get advice and information in direct contact with us. You may find us in Vienna, Stiftgasse 19, in the 7th district and Auhof Center in the 14th district.


Once upon a time…

The cannabis plant was used as cultivated plant for thousand of years all over the world. One of the first documentation of cannabis comes from the TCM, is nearly 5,000 years old, and has been written by Shen Nung. Hildegard von Bingen, too, cultivated “Cannabus”. In the 12th and 13th centuries, hemp found application in Ayurveda; the plant was used since the year dot in the orient; and the Assyrians used it, too.

In recent times cannabis is increasingly subject to medical research and media reports. There are still not enough clinical studies with human beings to prove possible effects of cannabis on them. Yet, there are numerous results of research from cell and animal experiments.


Magu, Goddess of Cannabis

Our name Magu relates to the story of princess Magu, the goddess of Cannabis. In literature she is also referred to as propitious goddess, hemp maid or hemp priestess. In China, Magu, the Taoist sage (immortal; holy being) is the symbol of the mighty protectress of women and is associated with the elixir of life. She is known for distributing hemp tea. Before her immortalization, Magu freed slaves who had to work for her wicked father, showing them how to recuperate land from the sea and to cultivate it. At Magu’s thanksgiving festival, which takes place when cannabis traditionally was harvested in China, the Chinese population is celebrating the time “when the world was green”.

The name compounds two Chinese characters: “Ma” 麻 and “Gu” 姑. „Ma“ meaning Cannabis was first mentioned in a Zhou Dynasty (1100-256 v. Chr.) script. It shows hemp plants, drying in a shed. “Gu” means woman, priestess, aunt, female healer or goddess. It is also said that Magu comes from the old Persian word “magus” which means magician, sorcerer or wise man.

We could continue for hours to tell you about our plants, but we would like to call your attention to supplementary information in the internet, in specialized books, etc., in order to learn more about the little green plant. We are looking forward to your mails, in case you have questions about our products or any suggestion. We have collected the most frequent questions and their answers under FAQs. To anticipate the most frequent question: we sell our products as aromatic products. They are not recommended for consumption. We are not providing any information about possible effects or similar, but we do recommend doctors who are familiar with CBD.

Your team Magu