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Who we are

Our principles and what we stand for

High quality standards,
sustainability and fair prices

MAGU sees itself as a company with an innovative spirit, founded by ambitious people who try to shape our world more freely for the benefit of the individual. Accordingly, it is important to us to do high-quality work in fair dealings with our employees, customers and the environment. Contrary to general trends, we want to run a company in which all our employees are paid and treated in an appropriate manner. At the same time, we offer our products at fair prices.

Here at Magu we deliberately focus on CBD because this cannabinoid can be valuable for lots of people. We want to help restore the positive image that hemp deserves - making it socially acceptable. Through scientific knowledge and information we want to put an end to prejudice, ignorance and the resulting fears.

The credo that we work and strife for is that hemp products should be affordable for everyone.
Our mission is to create a space in our society for the hemp plant - also known as "Wiedl" or "Wiesn" in Viennese slang - and to let everyone decide for themselves which role it should play in their life.

In addition to our online distribution, you can find our products in our shops, right in the centre of Vienna.
You can visit us either at Stiftgasse 19, 1070 Vienna or at Auhof Center in the 14th district. If you have further questions, we can gladly advise you further in person.

Investment in the Future

At present we research in cooperation with two domestic universities in the area of usage of hemp fibres as well as in the development of long-lasting hemp-driven batteries. We firmly believe that in the long run, a progressive development only makes sense on a basis of scientific findings.

In addition we have a cooperation with a renowned Austrian medical professional on a pharmaco-kinetic study, where we examine how water-soluble CBD is incorporated and metabolised by the human body.


We are in the fortunate position that we can make up our own rules, set our own goals and choose our own methods and procedures. We don't focus on profit maximisation, instead we define ourselves as a social enterprise. Therefore we use our profits to operate and scale our business sustainably. If our profits extend beyond that, we support social projects.

Our ideal is a business without hierarchies but with different fields of responsibility. This requires a change in thinking, to not only work off the to-do-list but to work independently with self-responsibility. The associated decision-making independence is motivating and offers room for new creative ideas.

We mind a work environment that values equality of gender and treatment. This means that we focus on fostering employee diversity, which can be a challenge in the Austrian branch of cannabis.

Female staff members who suffer from menstrual problems can stay at home or work from home during their period. Understanding and support of natural circumstances shows that at MAGU, the priority is given to the health and motivation of our employees.

Goddess of Cannabis

Our brand name Magu refers to the story of princess Magu, the goddess of cannabis. In the literature she is also known as the auspicious goddess, the hemp maiden or the priestess of hemp. Magu, the taoist wise (immortal; holy being) symbolises the powerful protector of women in china and is associated with the elixir of life. She is known for distributing hemp tea.

Before Magu reached immortality, she freed the slaves working for her evil father and showing them how to win back land from the sea and how to cultivate and farm that land. At Magu's harvest festival, which is held in the time when cannabis is traditionally harvested in china, the chinese people celebrate the times "when the world was green".

The name is combined from the chinese characters „Ma“ 麻 and „Gu“ 姑. "Ma" stands for cannabis and was mentioned the first time on a scroll from the Zhou dynasty (1100-256 B.C.) The scroll shows a hut that was used to dry hung cannabis (hemp) plants. "Gu" stands for woman, priestess, aunt, nurse or goddess. It is also stated that the name Magu descends from the Ancient Persian word "magus", that translates to mage, wizard or the wise from the orient.

Once upon a time...

In the beginning of our little project there were just three of us: Sebastian, a hemp expert with an agricultural background; Juri, a molecular biologist; and Sofie, a communications and marketing specialist.

We started with a pop-up-store. Beginners in this new industry, we were overwhelmed by the demand and sold out on our first day. Confident in the response of the market, we took a leap of faith and started our own shop in Stiftgasse - directly opposite the police. It’s still there today, thriving.

What followed was a very positive media response and an immense feedback of our customers: "I've been waiting 70 years for a business like yours!", "My life's quality has turned 180 degree because of you!"

Thanks to our successful “Krautfunding” campaign, we established our own CBD flower tops production facility, where our plants have been brilliantly thriving ever since. We stand for our values, in cultivation and in sales.

It’s been an adventure, and we are proud to continue to stand for sustainability, fairness, and humanity in the cannabis industry. We are happy to enlighten the current discussion about the hemp plant, from a scientifically-substantiated basis.


Our goal: To cultivate CBD hemp products under fair conditions and to distribute them for affordable prices. Good quality doesn't need to be expensive.

We are especially proud of CBDeus, our water-soluble CBD product. That means the active substance can be incorporated many times over by our bodies. High purity means that less of the substance is required, leading to a more affordable price - this is important to us.

Disclaimer: CBD products are not medications and cannot diagnose, treat or cure disease. Always consult your own physician before starting any new diet program.