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We are a Viennese start-up with high quality and natural CBD products. We grow our flowers with love and without chemicals in Austria. We take visible and tangible responsibility for people and nature with the goal of improving people’s lives. In order to revolutionize the CBD industry, we need employees who courageously go forward and realize our vision with heart and brain. Are you one of them?

The MAGU Benefits

The MAGU Values
What is important to us as a company and employer
The MAGU Team
The People behind MAGU
The MAGU Recruiting Process
How to apply for an open position
Flexibility in working hours
Flexible working hours and home office modalities for office activities
(taking into account position and specialist department).

Different forms of employment
Adaptation of working time models to the individual life needs of our employees.
Catering on site
Subsidized healthy lunch prepared with love by our chef (vegetarian – vegan).
Family affiliation
Being part of the MAGU Universe means being part of a supportive group of ambitious people
Education and training
Promotion of continuous specialist training through internal and external training courses.
Discounted access to MAGU products
40% employee discount on all in-house products.
Start Up Mentality
High speed and on the pulse of time: own ideas are not only heard, but also implemented immediately by you or together in the team.


Conscious promotion of women and gender mainstreaming

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The MAGU Values

MAGU is described by many as a family – made up of great people who all do their part to bring the miracle of hemp to the world. To give you the best possible impression of our corporate culture, we went through the company and asked employees directly where and how they personally experience the MAGU culture.

Dani, our Head of Digital Marketing, has already captured this very nicely:

“What’s unique about MAGU Culture is no big secret – or is it? You may have experienced it in our store or in the application process – even if it’s not on any website or poster. We rarely talk about it explicitly, but it’s palpable in everything we do and produce. Perhaps because it is lived by everyone as a matter of course, or because it is the basis of our shared existence and creativity:
The heart with which everyone is at work, and with which we meet each*everyone.”

Trust and Community

We trust each other, our partners and our business decisions – and let our hearts and minds guide us. Inspired by each other and full of trust, we take the next step on our path together with you.

“MAGU to me means team spirit and spontaneity, approaching new situations with open arms and learning to deal with them together.”

– Jojo, Managerin MAGU Retail Stores

“To see myself, and everyone else, as a formative part of that very culture. Contributing is desired. Having “space” the consequence.”

– Ryan, Sales Team

Responsibility for people and the planet

At MAGU, every employee takes responsibility for people and nature – and does so in his or her own way. We believe that all employees make their contribution and have a direct influence on the collective actions of MAGU. Personal initiative and freedom in implementation characterize the atmosphere.

“Due to the still relatively small size and young age of the company, I don’t feel like a small wheel in the system, but an important member. So my decisions have a direct influence and shape the company as it grows.”

– Laurin, Operations Manager

“We sell products that we truly support 100% and that everyone is happy to recommend with a clear conscience.”

– Eike, Sales Team

Appreciation, respect and openness

At MAGU, every voice is heard – regardless of employment type, position or seniority. We create a safe framework in which everyone can contribute new ideas, question the status quo and take responsibility. We believe that open, appreciative dialog is the basis for this.

“For me, MAGU is a place where you can talk openly with anyone about anything. We are so multi-faceted and diverse that it energizes each and every one of us. The level of eye-to-eye that we meet is like being in a family and I think that is essential in the future to be able to live in peace with each other on this planet. It’s a unique experience for me to work with such a great group, adding value to society and to each individual on the team by helping people and creating a workplace together where we feel comfortable and respected.”

– Sebastian, Co-Founder and CEO

Gender Awareness and Sensitivity

Gender equality is one of the cornerstones of MAGU: Inclusive language and the active creation of conditions in the company that promote equality are part of everyday life at MAGU. Both the management level and all employees are regularly sensitized to avoid the reproduction of stereotypical gender roles.

“I have never worked in a company where gender equality is taken so seriously. Especially because of the consistently inclusive use of language, you simply feel like part of the team and a fully-fledged colleague and are not always just ” meant to be included”. I wasn’t even really aware before how much I suffered from the lack of awareness of gender-appropriate language. as a result, I feel recognition and appreciation for myself and my achievements.”

– Julia, Member of the Marketing Team

Disclaimer: CBD products are not medications and cannot diagnose, treat or cure disease. Always consult your own physician before starting any new diet program.