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Our philosophy

The story behind MAGU

A hemp expert, a molecular biologist, a communications all-rounder and a common idea: MAGU has been around since 2017. Producing high-quality CBD in organic quality themselves and giving cannabidiol a positive image in the process are two of the missions Sebastian, Juri and Sofie are behind.

The pop-up store where it all began was completely sold out on the first evening. Through positive media response, great trust of the customers and a successful “Krautfunding campaign” we were able to build our own CBD flower production facility directly in Vienna. Meanwhile we have two stores (Stiftgasse and Auhof Center) in Vienna and an online store.

Our name MAGU refers to the story of Princess Magu. She is also known as the cannabis goddess. Magu is symbolic in China for the powerful protector of women and is associated with the elixir of life. She is known for distributing cannabis tea.

What we stand for

Our mission is to offer customers the most innovative cannabinoid products of the highest quality with maximum absorption capacity. We always put great emphasis on sustainability, highest quality standards and fair cooperation.

Our team consists of about 40 employees. Every day, we try to get the best out of the green plant. With the help of scientifically sound information, we want to dispel uncertainties and prejudices.

Our values

Social responsibility

Contrary to general trends, we want to run a company where all our employees are paid and treated appropriately.


We always pay attention to regional and controlled organic cultivation as well as environmentally friendly packaging materials and short transport routes.


We attach great importance to the highest quality. For this reason, we have already developed 4 MAGU technologies to make our products as qualitative as possible.

Social Entrepreneurship

The profits we generate are used to sustainably operate and expand our company.

Quality standards

At MAGU, quality has the highest priority. Our flowers are 100% pure and come completely without additional substances.


We grow our CBD plants ourselves in our field in the Weinviertel region or in our production facility in Vienna.

Full transparency

With us, all products have a certificate of analysis from an external laboratory. The certificates are all online.

A new way of working together

Our ideal is a company without hierarchies, but with areas of responsibility and personal initiative. This requires a change in thinking from working off tasks. We support independent work and personal responsibility. In addition, this type of collaboration offers a lot of room for creative ideas.

At MAGU, many diverse personalities come together. We see the potential and experience and therefore specifically promote equal opportunities in the company. This in turn promotes diverse and inclusive cooperation. Equality and an equal treatment working environment are important to us. This also means, for example, that we focus on a heterogeneous employee structure. We also focus on raising awareness of gender issues.

With the “Youth at Work” project, we were able to offer young adults their first insight into the world of work. During a one-month internship, young people were able to gain their first work experience at our company.

Have we awakened your interest? Then take a look at our career portal.

Disclaimer: CBD products are not medications and cannot diagnose, treat or cure disease. Always consult your own physician before starting any new diet program.