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Sustainability at MAGU

The topic of sustainability is more important than ever in our society. It is about the future of us and our planet. The climate crisis is a task for society as a whole. We at MAGU believe in the power of nature and want to protect it. Sustainability is very important to us. We therefore pay attention to regional and controlled organic cultivation. Short transport routes and environmentally friendly packaging and advertising materials are also part of our philosophy.

Growing conditions in harmony with the environment


Nature offers a great supply of renewable energy. We have a photovoltaic system on the roof of our production facility in Vienna. This allows us to generate emisson-free electricity from the power of the sun.

We obtain 100% of the energy needed to grow our darlings from hydropower. Hydropower is one of the most sustainable and efficient forms of energy. We can use hydropower in harmony with nature, as no pollutant emissions are produced during electricity generation.


Permaculture is about closely observing and mimicking natural ecosystems and cycles in nature. We achieve this by using the best Viennese high spring water, conventional soil and natural fertilizers and microorganisms.

We use natural plant strengthening agents such as field horsetail extract and beneficial insects such as Orius beetles and lacewing larvae. In this way, we can dispense with chemical agents and manage to produce first-class flowers without unwanted residues. By precisely monitoring and controlling the climate, we always guarantee consistent quality.

When growing our plants, we always make sure that we use and support the natural interactions of the ecosystem:

“Our philosophy in growing our plants is to promote sustainable cycles – very much in the permaculture spirit.”

Laurin Suske, Operations Manager

Regional and controlled organic cultivation

We pay attention to our renewable and vegetable raw materials to a regional and controlled organic cultivation. Our flowers grow in Austria, are harvested and packaged here. We have our own indoor production in Vienna and our outdoor production is located in the Weinviertel. By keeping transport distances short, we can minimize our CO2 footprint.

Wien und Waldviertel
Location of our production

Packaging from sustainable materials

The packaging of our products is made of paper, glass or recyclable bags. Our flowers are packed in cardboard and jars, because glass is the most easily recyclable raw material next to paper. Moreover, this way we can guarantee consistent quality, as the products in the glass or ecological bag do not dry out. Cardboard, on the other hand, has the advantage of being lighter and thus easier to transport. This is how we make our contribution to environmental protection.

We live sustainability internally and externally

We use only recycled paper in our office and for our promotional materials and business cards. In addition, we have all the furniture in our store or office either received as a gift, bought used or made ourselves from wood or hemp.


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