Bio-CBD oil


The entire power and wisdom of the hemp plant's natural extract with the full spectrum of cannabinoids.
MAGU's 5%, 10% and 20% Bio-CBD oils contain the hemp plant's whole spectrum, combined with hemp-nut-oil, rich in content and made in Austria.


Extracting nature's wisdom

Our Bio-CBD oils are full spectrum extracts, meaning that they contain all the valuable contents of the hemp plant. Simply explained: The whole being more than the sum of its parts.

In opposition towards pure CBD substance, the maximum potencial of CBD is unfolded by interplay of the individual contents. Nature has reflected thoroughly, which contents to add to the hemp plant. And now we are utilizing this wisdom.

All ingredients
made in Austria

The full spectrum- respectively natural extract originate from organic cultivation. Aquired by the most gentle method of carbon extraction we receive all the valuable contents of the hemp flower tops. Subsequently they are blended with hemp-nut-oil made in austria. Said oil possesses a particularly beneficial proportion of omega-3, omega-6 and gamma-linolenic acids.

Packaging materials made in Austria.

  • Full spectrum extract
  • Entourage effect
  • Biological hemp-nut-oil
  • Won through the most gentle method of extraction
  • THC <0,2%
  • Free of synthetical contents
  • Non-tested on animals

Bio-CBD oil

We offer our 5%, 10% and 20% Bio-oils in practical vials containing 10ml.
In case you want a little more, there is a possibility to get the 5% oil in a vial containing 30ml.

CBD-Oil 20% Fullspectrum CBD-Oil 20% Fullspectrum 99.00 Buy
CBD-Oil 10% Fullspectrum CBD-Oil 10% Fullspectrum 59.00 Buy
CBD-Oil 5% Fullspectrum CBD-Oil 5% Fullspectrum 29.00 Buy
CBD-Oil 5% Fullspectrum CBD-Oil 5% Fullspectrum 69.00 Buy