Let’s use the power and wisdom of the hemp plant together.

Sofie Sagmeister, Co-founder

CBD products

Fair, sustainable and honest

Our Values

Guarantee of quality

In cooperation with many different experts we constantly develop new cannabinoid products and support university research on the related topics of hemp fibres and longevity of batteries.


As pioneers of the CBD business quality is our main concern. Our high-quality packaging protects its contents and preserves our environment, while short transportation distance minimize our carbon footprint.


Our policy of prices is honest and fair so that everyone is able to afford CBD products.

This enables us to meet people at eye level – with humanness and empathy, honest and direct. That’s what MAGU stands for.

Organic certificate

Using local, biological resources and products is a core part of our philosophy. We use organic products and ingredients whenever possible.

We cultivate a lifestyle of sustainable cooperation in our business and personal affairs.


In cooperation with many renowned Viennese medical scientists and universities we constantly develop new CBD products and support partner research projects on hemp fibres and longevity of batteries.


Every single batch of our products is tested by accredited laboratories for cannabinoid, micro-organism, heavy metals, solvent residue and other contents. These results are released to our clients in our analysis certificates.