Water soluble CBD innovation for fast results

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Water soluble spray with entourage effect
  • quick effect
  • practical for on the road
  • ideal for acute stress situations

Did you know that…

… the human body consists largely of water?
That is why water-soluble substances can be absorbed many times better and faster.

Water soluble serum with entourage effect
  • fast effect
  • applicable inside & outside
  • ideal for tattoos & scars
Water soluble spray without THC
  • fast effect
  • practical for on the way
  • ideal for exam situations
Water soluble serum without THC
  • quick effect
  • applicable inside & outside
  • popular with athletes

The wisdom of nature combined with our innovative spirit. Austria’s first water-soluble CBD in incomparable quality with maximum organic availability.
Thanks to our innovative methods, our CBDeus is available either THC-free or as Full Spectrum.


CBDeus comes in two varieties, made from pure CBD or with natural hemp extract. Thanks to our innovative method, CBD is in water-soluble form, which makes it a CBD product of unprecedented quality. The human body consists mostly of water. Fat-soluble molecules or vitamins (eg: CBD, vitamin D3, K) are absorbed by the body only in limited quantities.

Water-soluble substances are absorbed many times better and faster than oils. Our 2.5% CBDeus is therefore comparable with a 25% CBD oil, the 5% even with a 50%!

Disclaimer: CBD products are not medications and cannot diagnose, treat or cure disease. Always consult your own physician before starting any new diet program.