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Quality at MAGU

As you may not know, not all CBD is created equal. The industry is still young and there are few standards that ensure quality. At MAGU, quality is a priority and we have set strict goals for this:

  • We attach great importance to naturalness and use as few chemicals as possible for our cultivation.
  • We care about the trust of our customers.
  • Transparency is a matter of course for us. Therefore, we always make sure to guarantee the legal CBD/THC content by having our products tested by independent laboratories. You can find all the certificates on the respective product page.
  • We want to offer our customers added value. We try to do this by focusing on maximum bioavailability in our CBD products.

“We are always working to discover new products and optimize them so that we can guarantee the highest quality. Only then products get into our store – we promise!”

Sebastian Rießland, CEO

Finest flowers in organic quality

Since MAGU stands for the highest standards, our flowers are 100% natural, unwashed and untreated. This means they contain no other additives. We do not add synthetic terpenes, nor is the cannabidiol chemically enhanced. You can find out why we don’t sell flowers with too much CBD in this blog post.

Quality of our flowers

Quality assurance with transparency guarantee

To be sure about our quality promises, we guarantee full transparency: We have our products independently tested and publish all certificates. We have our products tested for cannabinoid content, microorganisms, residues of heavy metals and solvents. You can see the laboratory certificates for all our products.

Our CBD oils have been awarded the AC-Tropfen seal of quality by ARGE CANNA. The independent seal of approval stands for the highest quality and is only awarded to Austrian manufacturers who produce regional, seasonal, organic full-spectrum products. For this, we have undergone a strict and elaborate testing procedure at our own expense.

Gentle extraction process with added value

The cannabinoids are gently extracted so that we can preserve the full spectrum of all cannabinoids and terpenes. Learn more about the production of our CBD oil here. The added value of our full spectrum products lies in the fact that the substances reinforce each other and thus work even better. This effect is called the entourage effect.

MAGU Innovative Technologies

We attach great importance to the highest quality. For this reason, we also develop our own innovative technologies to manufacture our products as gently and effectively as possible. We would like to present two MAGU technologies herewith:

  1. MAGUprime: This is a unique cold and solvent-free production for mild taste and improved bioavailability. We have developed this technology for our organic CBD oils.
  2. MAGUsorb: We use this technology to manufacture our CBDeus line. We can use this method to produce a transparent molecular emulsion very stable in water-based liquids for maximum absorption.

Quality at a fair price

We believe in high quality products that are affordable for everyone. That is why we offer our hemp products at fair prices: Fair for our customers and fair for our employees.

Our Team

Convince yourself of our quality and discover CBD in its natural form! Here you can go directly to our products. If our products do not meet your satisfaction, please contact us at

Disclaimer: CBD products are not medications and cannot diagnose, treat or cure disease. Always consult your own physician before starting any new diet program.