Why we don’t sell flowers with too much CBD

Blüten in der Cannabis Produktion

Again and again the question arises: “Why don’t you sell flowers with more CBD content? After all, other suppliers have strains with 18% CBD.” Unfortunately, that’s usually not entirely possible without cheating. We sell naturally grown and untreated flowers and write on our products only CBD values that are possible on the one hand by the nature of the hemp plant and on the other hand have been confirmed by laboratory analysis. We have summarized for you what you should pay attention to and what CBD content is currently legally possible.

Why we do not sell varieties with 20% CBD content and 0,3% THC

Growing cannabis is a complicated task, especially if you want to grow stable strains sustainably. The ratio of THC to CBD is not arbitrarily selectable, the CBD content depends on the naturally possible ratio of THC to CBD, so the ratio so given by nature.  Normal to good values for EU commercial hemp are currently 1:20 to 1:30, which means that in natural cultivation, according to our experience, a maximum of 30 times the amount of CBD to THC in the plant is currently possible. The THC limit in Europe is 0.2 or 0.3%, depending on the jurisdiction. Some suppliers* treat the flowers after the fact. Our promise: With us you get only naturally grown and untreated flowers. With a limit of 0.3% THC in Austria, the CBD value can be around 9%. With a limit of 0.2% THC, the CBD value can only be around 6%. In concrete terms, this means: max. 9% CBD content in flowers in Austria and Luxembourg and max. 6% CBD content in flowers in Germany and the rest of Europe. We don’t just claim that, that is the maximum natural ratio of CBD to THC in EU commercial hemp at the moment.

Why do so many stores offer CBD Flowers with 17% and more?

In Austria, due to the legal situation, there is unfortunately currently no clear framework or uniform quality standards for the sale of CBD products. This primarily confuses consumers and makes comparisons difficult: A higher CBD content is not automatically better, more natural or from a flower that is legally available in Austria. In our search for new, legal flowers, we were offered various varieties by wholesalers and had samples analyzed – at our own expense. In all the tests, the highest CBD value determined by our contracted laboratory was ~ 9% CBD.

This is how you keep track

With a little bit of CBD know-how, you will have a good overview. Inform yourself in advance about CBD content and the suppliers of your flowers and don’t let yourself be seduced by wild promises. A non-profit association that advises consumers and patients and has developed its own seal of approval is ARGE CANNA.   When we post articles like this online, we are always asked which providers are “good” or “bad”: Of course, we can only speak for ourselves. Our flowers are of high quality and from our own organic cultivation. We have our products tested and publish all certificates.

If you still have questions about flowers, you can always write to us on social media or to info@magu-cbd.com. We try to answer all questions as soon as possible!

Natürliche CBD Blüten bei MAGU