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The MAGU Team

Not only our logo shines in many different, bright colors, but also the faces and personalities of our employees. And we are proud of this: because what makes a company is more than the sum of its employees – who together always give their best and are dedicated to their work with a lot of love and commitment. In our case, it is to improve people’s lives with the help of hemp. And because transparency is one of our top priorities, here we introduce you to all the wonderful people who make MAGU what it is.

Creative communication talent

As a managing director with an affinity for communication, Sofie stands wholeheartedly behind MAGU and is responsible for marketing, PR, communication, and HR. She is the face that represents MAGU to the outside world and is always committed to equality and combines creativity with organizational talent without losing her vision.

Loving hemp plant whisperer

Sebastian, or Sebi for short, is the one who is responsible for the unique quality of our plants. Sebi puts an incredible amount of love and passion into his own cultivation and in the field of sustainable plant cultivation, no one can hold a candle to him.

Walking CBD Encyclopedia

Juri studied technical chemistry, molecular biology, genetics and neuroscience. He is our specialist on the subject of hemp and is involved in research and development at MAGU. In addition, he makes sure that we always stay up to date with the latest study results on CBD.

Passionate problem solver

As CTO, Laurin is our technology expert and happily answers all questions about automation, cultivation technology and IT. He combines technical expertise with his green thumb. For him, there are no unsolvable problems as long as creativity and inventiveness can be combined with realism and physical laws.

Strategic Trailblazer

With many years of experience in e-commerce and logistics, Laura leads our sales and e-commerce strategies.

She is a true number cruncher and always knows the way to a suitable solution for every problem. In addition, a conversation with Laura is practically a brain training, because she talks as fast as she thinks.

Flower expert with a commitment to quality

With over 7 years of experience in business development in the fields of agriculture and medical technology, Felix is responsible for the development of the medical sector as well as for quality management and stakeholder management at MAGU. Internally, he impresses above all with his typical Berlin humor.

Gifted outside-the-box thinker

Dani leads the marketing team at MAGU. With her experience in digital strategies as well as new, agile ways of working, she helps the entire team balance a well-organized yet innovative work culture.

Ruler of the paper economy

Andrea is the good soul at MAGU. She always ensures a positive working atmosphere and takes care of the never-ending task of bringing order to the daily office chaos. Additionally, she supports the team in operational activities.

Planning genius with heart and brain,

Juliane, or Jojo for short, is the manager of our stationary stores. Whether in direct customer contact or behind the scenes in the MAGU office, Jojo is a central part of our team and lives the MAGU values both during and outside of work.

Globetrotting process optimizer

Matthias is responsible for production and distribution of our products together with his supply chain team. He is our man for strategic planning and optimization of our production processes. Matthias is also a true hemp connoisseur in his private life and has even visited hemp fields in Vietnam.

Charming customer whisperer

Eike has been an integral part of the MAGU family for several years. The charming amateur photographer shares his wealth of knowledge about our products, but also his sense of humor, with our customers in the MAGU stores.

Imaginative copywriter

Julia is our marketing all-rounder. Her job is to get our knowledge about CBD out there and make it accessible to all of you – be it via social media, our blog, our website or in cooperation with influencers*. As an expert in sociolinguistics, she knows everything there is to know about inclusive language use – should someone not take equality so seriously, he or she must be aware of the risk of a dryly realistic feminist slur on Julia’s part.

If you feel like you are a perfect fit for our team, you can always send us an application.

Or you can take a look at the open positions.

Disclaimer: CBD products are not medications and cannot diagnose, treat or cure disease. Always consult your own physician before starting any new diet program.