Traveling with CBD – What do I need to know?

Reisen mit CBD

CBD is on everyone’s lips for its relaxing effect and is consumed regularly. So it stands to reason that you don’t want to do without your favorite CBD product even on vacation. With CBD, traffic jams on the highway or delayed flights should no longer be a problem at all. But wait – am I even allowed to travel with my CBD? Is it legal to do so? We’ll tell you what you should consider when traveling with CBD in this blog article.

Is traveling with CBD legal?

It depends! We can’t give you a definitive answer to these questions, as the regulations regarding the use of CBD-containing products depend on the destination. When traveling within the EU, you can largely assume that traveling with CBD is legal and should not be a problem as long as the THC limit is below 0.2%. In Austria, this limit is even 0.3%. We therefore advise you to find out exactly what the current legal situation is in your destination before you start your trip. In countries such as the Netherlands or Switzerland there are the fewest problems, as cannabis has been largely decriminalized there. In general, it is also true for countries of the Schengen Agreement that taking CBD with you should not be a problem.

What about travel to other EU countries?

Basically, if the cultivation, consumption and sale of cannabis products with THC content are prohibited in a country, you should not enter with CBD products. There are hardly any uniform regulations, so you must always inform yourself individually before your vacation. In the USA, for example, each state is regulated differently. In Canada, the same regulation applies as in Austria. Tip: The most important information can be found at the respective embassy or consulate.

Am I allowed to fly with CBD?

For many, CBD is a natural alternative to conventional remedies, and therefore it’s hard to imagine traveling long distances by plane without it. But before you get on the plane with your CBD product within Europe, there are a few precautions to take:

  • Find out if CBD has been legalized at your travel destination
  • Make sure that your product is in an intact packaging
  • Take the receipt and if possible also a certificate with you (in case you have to give information about the product, the place of production etc., it is convenient to have everything with you directly)
  • Make sure that you do not exceed the capacity (applies to all liquids in hand luggage).

Traveling with CBD: Advantages

Now that we have clarified whether you can travel with CBD at all, we would like to tell you why we believe CBD can be of help when traveling. CBD is known for its pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and most importantly, calming effects. Long car rides, heat, or flight delays can cause a stressful moment or two. This is where CBD comes into play! So that you are the calm in person during the journey itself, we advise you to already take CBD beforehand. Of course, you can also consume CBD during the trip, as long as it complies with the regulations, in order to be able to sleep better during the flight or the journey, for example. At this point we advise you to use our vegan CBD dates. They are handy and a healthy snack for in between.

Many people suffer from fear of flying. CBD can also help here and let you calm down and relax. The dosage and the product you determine yourself. We advise you to use an oil or even a serum when traveling with CBD. Our CBDeus serums are water soluble and very convenient for traveling. They only contain 10ml, which means you can easily take them with you in your hand luggage. With CBD flowers, on the other hand, there could be unpleasant confusion.

The most important facts about traveling with CBD at a glance:

  • Inform yourself about the current legal situation in the respective destination.
  • Make sure that the THC content of the CBD product is really below the limit (visibility of the label, certificate of analysis)
  • Take the receipt of the product with you (for information)
  • If you do not need the product during the flight, it is better to put it in the check-in baggage
  • CBD oil in hand luggage must not exceed the total capacity and must be placed in a sealable bag.
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