• vegan & sugarfree
  • long-lasting effect
  • ideal as a snack
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What are CBDates?

What a trio: deliciously juicy-sweet dates from Dattelbär, coated with tender, crunchy dark chocolate from Zotter and refined with our MAGU organic hemp extract. Healthy snacking has never tasted better than with our CBDates!

What is in our CBDates?

Sukkari dates are particularly soft, without the pit and distinguishable by their caramel note. Due to their natural sweetness, CBDates do not contain any added sugar. In addition, the dates contain numerous vitamins and nutrients that make them a healthy alternative to conventional sweets. The cocoa mass is also vegan and without sugar. The 100% Peru Labooko organic cocoa mass from Zotter hhas 100% cocoa content, is 100% fair trade and from certified organic agriculture. The sweetness of the date perfectly complements the typical taste of cocoa.
The organic hemp extract is obtained by the most gentle extraction methods and contains the full spectrum effects of the hemp plant. CBD or cannabidiol is a component of the female cannabis plant that has a non-intoxicating effect. According to the WHO, CBD has a very good safety profile.


Many of our testers report, among other things, an increased sense of well-being and a more relaxed nervous state. Thus, the often stressful everyday life can be mastered with more peace and balance.

  • Gentle Extraction
  • Highest Quality
  • Plant based
  • Can my children eat the dates with CBD?

    It is a personal decision whether you want to give your children CBD. If you are unsure, we can recommend doctors in Vienna who deal with CBD.

  • Are the CBDates vegan?

    Yes, the CBDates are vegan. Both the dates themselves and the organic cocoa liquor are free of animal products. They are also gluten free & sugar free. The natural sweetness of the dates is all our delicious CBDates need.

  • How does the CBD get into the CBDates?

    The CBD is theoretically not in the date, but in the cocoa mass. For this purpose, the organic cocoa mass from Zotter is enriched with organic hemp extract.

  • How many grams of CBD is equivalent to one CBDate?

    Each cup contains 150mg of CBD. This corresponds to approx. 10 – 12.5 mg CBD per date. Thus, one date corresponds to approx. 6-8 drops of organic CBD oil 5%.


  • dates*
  • cocoa mass*
  • emp extract*

*from controlled organic cultivation 

CBD content per cup: 

150mg CBD (this corresponds to approx. 10 – 12.5 mg CBD per date – thus one date corresponds to approx. 6-8 drops of CBD oil 5%)

Full Spectrum

The oil contains the full cannabinoid spectrum, also called Full Spectrum. This creates the so-called entourage effect. Simply explained, this means “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Through the interaction of the individual components, the maximum potential of all valuable ingredients of the hemp plant unfolds in contrast to pure CBD.

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