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Hanfblüten aus EU-zertifizierten Bio-Nutzhanfsorten (zerkleinert)

Aroma: mild-herb, Honignuance
4% CBD, <0,2% THC

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Harvested by hand, with love – enjoy!

Our organic hemp flower tops tea from the Austrian mountains are rich in antioxidants and flavonoids. It has a pleasant, slightly bitter taste with a nuance of honey. A brewing time of 15 minutes is recommended, a longer brew will give the tea a stronger flavor.

Preparation: Two teaspoons (approx. 1.2g) infused with 1/4 litre of boiling water, add a fat source (see below) and let the tea brew covered for up for 15 minutes. Add additional herbs or sweetener as desired.

Important: The valuable components of hemp are procured best in hot water by adding a fat source like coconut oil, milk or dairy alternatives.

Ingredients: Organic hemp flower tops* from EU-certified industrial hemp sorts (cultivar)
Aroma: tangy, honey
*from organic farming, made in Austria

The high-quality organic hemp flower tops are free of any kind of additives or preservatives.
Packaging material made in Austria, unbleached kraft paper with food-safe viewing window made from cellulose. No aluminium.
Suitable for people with vegetarian and vegan lifestyles.
No intoxicating effect.
Non-genetically modified.
Store in well sealed container, protected from excessive heat, light and humidity. This way the precious ingredients will stay preserved.
Allergen labeling: This product contains no components that are subject to labeling.

Our production oil, as well as trading with organic products is certified by “Austria Bio Garantie”.

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