CBD after sports

Once the sloth has been overcome, sore muscles are usually not long in coming. And no one really wants a sore muscle as a constant companion. That’s why we’re telling you today how “Goodbye sore muscles!” and “Hello CBD!” can become your new favourite phrases, and how CBD can shorten your recovery phase after sports.

Can CBD shorten the recovery phase after sports?

Both sufficient relaxation and better blood circulation in the muscles ensure that the body is able to work again more quickly after sports sessions and that the regeneration phase is more effective. CBD can be used in many ways here, and has a supporting effect through oral intake and/or local application.

– CBD for more efficient sleep

Sufficient sleep is essential to give the body the opportunity to regenerate. During sleep, the cardiovascular system is relieved, the immune system is strengthened, inflammations are relieved and pathogens are inhibited. A stressful everyday life, too many thoughts whirling around, or general problems falling asleep and staying asleep make it difficult for the body to effectively implement these processes. This is where CBD can unfold its calming, relaxing effect. Many of our customers swear by our organic CBD oil 10%, which is supposed to facilitate the process of falling asleep and sleeping through the night and alleviate the general feeling of stress. In addition to our conventional organic CBD oil, our CBD Sleep has recently been added to our product catalogue. As the name suggests, this is a CBD sleep oil. With the addition of melatonin, our CBD Sleep was specifically developed to support healthy sleep.

– CBD for better blood circulation to the muscles

During the regeneration phase, muscles have an increased need for oxygen and essential nutrients to speed healing. Taking CBD orally, as well as massaging in CBD serums, such as our CBDeus Serum Full Spectrum 5%, causes better oxygen transport in the body and boosts blood flow, allowing sugars and important nutrients to reach the muscle faster.

– CBD gegen Muskelk- CBD against sore musclesater

Not only during sleep, but also during the day, the body needs relaxation to be able to concentrate on healing. Sore muscles can turn out to be a vicious circle, as the pain keeps relaxation away and consequently makes it harder for the body to regenerate. The pain-relieving effect of CBD can break this vicious circle. As for better blood circulation and oxygen supply, CBD can either be taken orally or applied as a serum to the muscles to relieve muscle pain.

The pain of a sore muscle is most likely caused by inflammation in the muscle. (Researchers still disagree about what exactly a sore muscle is). Besides relieving pain, CBD also has an anti-inflammatory effect that can counteract this inflammation.


Can CBD shorten the recovery phase after sports? The answer is “yes”. With the help of its relaxing, pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects, CBD can support the body’s own regeneration in many areas and thus shorten it. 

Is CBD doping?

Unlike doping substances and THC, for example, CBD does not generally make the body more powerful, but merely supports the body’s own ability to regenerate, which makes it more effective and allows you to return to sport more quickly. WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency, has therefore officially removed CBD from the list of banned substances.

But beware: many CBD products contain the permitted limit of THC, i.e. less than 0.2%. To be on the safe side, professional athletes should make sure to consume CBD products without THC. We can recommend our CBDeus Serum 5%, for example.