Store CBD products properly – How to do it?

CBD richtig lagern

Yay! You have successfully chosen a CBD product and already used it. In order to get the most out of your precious CBD for a long time, you need to store your CBD products properly. If you only pay attention to a few small things, you will get the maximum benefit from your CBD.

In principle, CBD products should always be stored in a cool place if possible. Why? So that they do not age prematurely. The optimal storage temperature is between 15 to 25 degrees. Of course, it is clear that this optimal storage temperature is not always possible. For example, if you take your CBD product with you, temperature changes may well occur. Even when traveling, an occasional higher temperature is not a problem. But what you definitely should not do is to forget your CBD product in the car. Temperatures of up to over 50 degrees can be reached on the parcel shelf. Your CBD will not thank you for it.

How do I store CBD oils?

Our organic CBD oils are very special oils based on hemp seed oil. They do not tolerate heat, because this makes them rancid. This means that you should always store your organic CBD oil at a temperature between 15 and 25 degrees. With our Gold CBD oils, which have a MCT coconut oil base, this danger does not exist. They can withstand a little more heat much better.

How do I store water soluble CBD products?

Our water-soluble CBDeus products contain a so-called volatile component, namely water. For this reason, our CBDeus sprays or serums should always be kept well closed, especially at high temperatures.

The same is true for our CBD Sleep. Here you will also find a volatile component, namely ethanol. So that the volatile component does not completely evaporate, the sleep oil should always be kept well closed.

How do I store CBD flowers?

After discussing how to properly store CBD oil and water-soluble CBD products, we will move on to CBD flowers. It is very important that you keep the CBD flowers dry. Moisture does not mix well with CBD flowers and leads to unpleasant mold growth.

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