Period & CBD

Again? Your abdomen pulls, your head hurts, your stomach feels queasy, and all you want to do is spend the whole day in bed. Menstrual troubles have many faces and are experienced differently from person to person. Although almost 50% of the total population is affected, for a long time periods were considered a taboo subject and people with menstruation were left to deal with their experiences on their own. So for us at MAGU, it’s important to raise awareness for this topic and do our part in removing this stigmatization. In this article, we’ll show you how CBD can help you with your menstrual problems in a natural way. Say goodbye to ibuprofen and co.


The topic of periods has a very high priority at MAGU, after all, it played a big part in the founding of MAGU. Sofie Sagmeister, co-founder of the first established CBD flower store in the EU, was looking for a natural way to relieve her menstrual pain at the time and came across the effect of CBD. This is also the reason why we have been considering these issues in our product developments since the beginning and are committed to bringing new products to the market that can help people with their period pain. This mentality is not only noticeable in production, but also in the way MAGU’s employees treat each other. Period products at the toilets, being excused for period pains and CBDeus always ready to hand in the fridge – these are a matter of course at MAGU that no employee would want to miss.

How CBD can help with menstrual problems

The term menstrual troubles includes symptoms that occur predominantly before, during or after the period. The pain is caused by the muscles in the abdomen contracting during menstruation to allow the shedding of the uterine lining. The keyword “contracting” probably already rings a bell with one or the other CBD connoisseur, because CBD is primarily known for its relaxing and antispasmodic qualities. Especially those who suffer from endometriosis report that CBD products have eased their discomfort, allowing them to avoid painkillers. In addition, many customers report a mood-lifting effect. This effect can also stabilize mood changes that are triggered by natural hormonal fluctuations.


When using our CBD products, try what suits you best and what can easily be integrated into your everyday life. Nevertheless – a few tips never hurt! In the area of menstrual cramps and CBD, MAGU employees have accumulated some rituals over the last few years, which we are happy to share with you.

One of our favorite period products is CBDeus Serum Full Spectrum 5%. Thanks to our patented formula, we have managed to produce CBD in a water-soluble form, which is why our CBDeus line can also be absorbed well through the skin. If your abdomen hurts, we recommend applying 2-3 strokes of the serum to the affected area, massage it in well and then let the CBDeus take effect. As an absolute mood booster you can also let the sun shine on your belly, so you fill up your vitamin D storage in addition. If this is not possible, use a hot-water bottle instead.

Some of our employees also swear by our organic CBD oil. Basically, it is best if you start taking it 2-4 days before your period begins. But, especially for people who have never been in contact with CBD, we recommend a regular intake over several cycles. By the way, you can also put our CBD oil directly onto a tampon, so the oil can be absorbed locally and spread its beneficial effect there. For a pleasant warming from the inside, you can also prepare a cup of our hemp tea :-)). In addition, our organic CBDatteln taste quite excellent. These do not only satisfy the one or other ravenous appetite, but also have a relaxing and calming effect, thanks to the CBD oil base.