Cats & CBD – Is it possible?

cbd für Katze

Are cats allowed to take CBD oil at all?

Cats are allowed to consume CBD. They also have an endocannabinoid system. What cats probably can’t tolerate are THC & terpenes. However, conventional CBD oils are so-called full spectrum oils (you can read about the meaning here) and contain terpenes and are therefore unsuitable for cats. That is why we have developed an organic CBD cat oil that contains no THC and no terpenes. It consists of organic sunflower oil and organic CBD extract. Therefore, it is completely safe for cats and increases their well-being!

Why CBD oil for cats?

There are many reasons why owners administer CBD to their animals: Anxiety, nervousness, stomach problems, fatigue or general nervousness. One of our product testers* describes the effect on her cat:

“I can highly recommend the product. Our cat seems more agile and at the same time much more relaxed and calm. He is no longer so anxious and therefore just much more relaxed. It’s especially good for him.”

How do i recognize high quality CBD oil?

As always, you can recognize good CBD oil as a layman mainly by the certificates! Especially with CBD oil for cats, you should pay close attention to the cannabinoid content of the oils, as well as the carrier oil. Hemp oil contains natural terpenes and is therefore not suitable. Cats are particularly sensitive to toxins – so it is also very advisable to buy products that are certified organic!

Can other animals also take CBD oil?

Yes, definitely. However, other animals also tolerate CBD & terpenes well. Therefore, we have developed our own products for horses, dogs, rodents, etc.. Depending on the weight, the organic CBD oil for small animals or for large animals is suitable for them.

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