CBD crystals 1000mg >99%

  • schonende Extraktion
  • ohne THC
  • Reinheit von >99%

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CBD in its purest form.

Produced through gentle carbon extraction and subsequent filtration with a purity of >99%.

Chemical Attributes:

melting point: 66°C

boiling point: 130°C

molecular formula: C21H30O2


(practically) insoluble in water, soluble in fats and oils, ethanol, methanol, diethyl ether, benzene (benzol), chloroform and petroleum ether.

Manufacturing Process:

Produced through carbon extraction, the most gentle method of extraction, and subsequent filtration resulting in pure CBD (>99%)

Available in 500mg and 1000mg


Bottled in glass vials to ensure an accurate doseage. Next to paper, glass is the resource that is most easily recyclable. Within glass, CBD quality will remain unchanged – whilst saving our environment.


For our products, we mostly use hemp plants from Austria’s Waldviertel, as well as packaging materials made in Austria.

Pesticide & Solventresidues

Contains no THC.

Store protected from warmth and light.

Store in a place inaccessible to children and pets.

Content: 1000mg