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How do we cultivate?

With heart and brain.

Our philosophy concerning the cultivation of our plants consists of supporting a sustainable biological cycle as defined by permaculture standards.

Permaculture is the concept of creating sustainable and nature-orientated biological cycles… and as the word “perma" announces: enduring.

Production of the future
For the sake of the environment

Thanks to your support of our succesful Kraut-funding campaign in the spring-time of 2017, we could construct a new state-of-the-art production facility.
The required energy is exclusively obtained from environmentally sustainable sources.

We promise
For the sake of the environment

No use of chemical pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. We think highly on biological soil and fertilizers and microorganisms. Environmentally friendly organisms and intercropping techniques, pest infestation is prevented in advance.

Meaning? Ladybird beetle larvae against pest combined with intercropped mint, lavender and coriander to prevent mildew and other diseases.

For additional information on our quality standards follow this link.

Disclaimer: CBD products are not medications and cannot diagnose, treat or cure disease. Always consult your own physician before starting any new diet program.