CBD Riechkraut

  • free from nicton & tobacco
  • ideal for smoking cessation
  • fresh & fruity
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What is our CBD Riechkraut?

Our CBD Riechkraut is a valuable small rubbed herbal mixture with high-quality ingredients from controlled EU agriculture. It combines both fresh aromas such as apple mint and calamus and intense scents of raspberry and rose petals. In addition, the tart herbs sage and marshmallow, provide a calming effect. This spicy and fragrant fragrance composition is also used by our customers as a tobacco alternative, which is completely without tobacco and nicotine.

Why CBD Riechkraut?

The CBD Riechkraut is a joint project with herbal expert Marissa Cosma Vitelli. She told us, “Smoking and incense have been known and used in many ways by all peoples of the earth since the discovery of fire. Long before tobacco conquered Europe, our ancestors smoked and incense local herbs, leaves and flowers. At that time, the connection between man and plant was celebrated in this way through smoke.”

  • Minimal THC
  • Highest Quality
  • Cruelty Free
  • Plant based
  • Eco-friendly
  • Untreated
  • Where do the herbs come from?

    The herbs all come from controlled EU agriculture. We have worked out the composition of the herbal mixture with herbal expert Marissa Cosma Vitelli.

  • Do the herbs also have an effect?

    The herbs themselves have no intoxicating effect. However, they not only taste and smell pleasant, but each herb has a special effect. Below you will find an explanation of each herb.

  • Is there another application?

    You can also infuse our herbal mixture with hot water and drink it as a tea. If you want to enjoy our CBD herbal mixture as a tea, please make sure to add a fat source, as with our hemp flower tea.

What is in it?

Raspberry leaves (Rubus Idaeus) The raspberry was known to our earliest ancestors. In ancient times they called it motherberry. Not only the sweet fruits are popular, but also the leaves of the bush are very valuable. They contain tannins, vitamin C and smell wonderfully soft after unforgettable summer days.

Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis) Marshmallow is a mallow plant and originally comes from the Mediterranean. The leaves are wonderfully velvety-soft. The marshmallow scent gives soothing and gentle strength.

Calamus (Acorus calamus) Calamus is a grass found in swamps and on the banks of ponds and rivers. According to Pilinius, calamus was introduced from Syria, India and Arabia. The herbaceous lemony-fresh scent gives us clarity. Calamus is considered a nerve tonic across cultures and is used to increase meditative concentration. The essential oil containing asarone makes calamus a valuable aromatic rootstock.

Rose petals (Rosa damascena) The scent of these wonderful delicate flowers is so intense that we immediately feel transported to entire rose gardens and creates a feeling of nobility and gentleness.

Apple mint (Mentha suaveolens) Mints are appreciated and used in all cultures. Especially the fruity-fresh apple mint gives this blend that certain something. Due to the low menthol content, apple mint is one of the gentlest of all mints and thus completes our blend with its wonderfully fine and at the same time very gentle mint aroma.

CBD-rich cannabis flowers Cannabis flowers from our own cultivation (indoor). Raised with love, light and no chemicals, hand manicured and processed. Each package contains 2g.

Riechkraut is a flavoring product, not recommended for ingestion. Store in a cool, tightly closed and dark place. Under 0.1% THC. This product is a joint project with the herbal expert Marissa Cosma Vitelli (More information about the person at: wildeurnatur.at).