Greta – Creamy Widow

  • Mango, sweet & milkshake
  • relaxing
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What is our noble tea Greta?

Our Noble Tea consists of 100% handpicked flowers of the cannabis plant of the variety Greta – Creamy Widow. Our Greta is a special variety. To best highlight its feminine qualities, we worked with illustrator Katharina Lorenz on a beautiful packaging. The Katharina Lorenz x MAGU Edition is available as a limited edition set. The first 30 orders will receive a package consisting of the noble tea Greta (no matter in which size) and a creative postcard set with bodies by Katharina Lorenz.

How does the Greta – Creamy Widow variety taste?

The Greta variety is sweeter than its siblings. Its taste is reminiscent of a delicious milkshake and ripe, juicy mangoes. Our Greta is clearly one of our stronger varieties. MAGU customers describe its effect as pleasantly relaxing.

Highest quality

All our noble teas are grown with love in Vienna and harvested by hand. Our cultivation is completely without chemicals & pollutants. This means that our flowers are completely natural. Highest quality is important to us. Because we value transparency, we have each of our premium teas tested by laboratories. You will find certificates of analysis for each product.

  • Minimal THC
  • Highest Quality
  • Cruelty Free
  • Plant based
  • Eco-friendly
  • Untreated
  • Why Noble Tea?

    Many of you still know our blossoms under their old names. We, or rather the Austrian federal government, felt like changing and now offer them as Nobeltees: But do not worry, this is pure vanity: The content remains the same!

  • Can I smoke the flowers?

    We are not allowed to give any recommendation on this. We have heard that customers smoke our flowers. It’s best to find out which method is best for you on the internet or from influencers we work with.

  • Is this a sativa, ruderalis or indica strain?

    This question is not so easy to answer. In principle, there are 3 different types: Sativa, Ruderalis and Indica. In short, all our strains are hybrids. However, in some, certain types are more dominant:

    Mary – Mellow Haze – Hybrid Indica Dominant
    Empress – Rising Haze – Hybrid Sativa Dominant
    Kaiser – Happy Kush – Hybrid Sativa Dominant
    Jane – Karma Kush – Hybrid Sativa / Ruderalis
    Reinhold – Focus Time – Hybrid Indica / Ruderalis

    Greta – Creamy Widow – Hybrid Indica Dominant

    Sascha – Jungle Weed – Hybrid Sativa Dominant

    Gustav – Tropical Skunk – Hybrid Sativa Dominant

    Hilde – Sunny Blaze – Hybrid Sativa Dominant

    It is also important to say: How a plant works or tastes also depends very much on the terpene profile. You will find this listed separately for each of our flowers.

  • Do the flowers make you high?

    No, CBD does not make you high. Most of our customers report that they feel a physical effect from CBD. Many describe this as very pleasant, because they get anxiety or similar unpleasant feelings from THC, but not from CBD.

  • I do not want to smoke. Is there an alternative to this?

    Of course! You can also drink our flowers as tea, or dissolve them in fat and cook & bake with them. Or you can use a vaporizer, like the PAX. With this you can vaporize our flowers instead of burning them.



  • Cannabis Sativa L. (EU-Nutzhanfsorte)

Not the right choice for you?

If you like another flower more, you can find our whole assortment here.

No flowers with too high CBD content

We sell naturally grown and untreated flowers, so you will not find flowers with 20%. We have summarized for you in the blog article, what you should pay attention to and what CBD content is legally possible..

What we stand for?

At MAGU, quality has priority. As renowned Austrian CBD pioneers, we always guarantee the highest quality standards.

Find out more about quality at MAGU and how we achieve it here: Quality.

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