Hybrid Supreme Filters

  • less pollutants
  • activated carbon and pulp
  • full enjoyment
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What are the Hybrid Supreme filters?

Hybrid Supreme Filters combines the advantages of classic activated carbon filters with cellulose filter components and thus revolutionizes the smoking experience! Due to the four different sections you enjoy the full filter effect and still breathe while smoking no more activated carbon dust.

The unique filter combination of Hybrid Supreme Filters removes a particularly large proportion of pollutants from the smoke.
What remains is smooth smoking pleasure and the full aroma of your herbs.

How and what you smoke depends on your taste.
The finest you achieve in any case with Hybrid Supreme Filters!

Why Hybrid Supreme Filter?


  • -38% pollutants*
  • -16% nicotine*
  • Bis zu –99% activated carbon dust*
  • 0% smanding (clogging) at cool temperatures
  • 100% flavor


*Scientifically tested and confirmed. Compared to conventional activated carbon filters.


How do they work?

1. Filtered:
The smoke is pre-filtered by cellulose.

2. Reduced:
The activated carbon filter removes pollutants from the smoke.

3. Minimizes:
Another pulp reduces nicotine and activated carbon dust.

4. Optimized:
The smoke is cooled and the taste is thus intensified.

What’s inside?

55 pieces

30 mm long

6,4mm diameter

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