CBD and Climate Change – Can Hemp Save the Earth?

CBD und Klimawandel - Hanffeld

Climate change is more real than ever before. We have reached a point where everyone (especially companies) should seriously consider how they can counteract climate change. Alternative and sustainable materials need to become the norm. Did you know that hemp is one of the most sustainable raw materials? We’ll tell you how hemp, CBD and climate change fit together in the blog article.

Hemp as a sustainable raw material

Hemp is one of the oldest and most valuable crops in the world. The green plant is very robust and requires neither pesticides nor herbicides. Hemp thus protects not only the soil and the environment, but also the workers. It grows quickly, in almost any soil, and yields two to three times as much fiber as cotton on the same amount of land. In addition, the hemp plant does not need much water. Another advantage of the plant is that it is durable. Textiles made of hemp can be used much longer than, for example, textiles made of cotton.

If you thought that was all there was to it, you were wrong. Not only can paper already be made from the hemp plant, but there are now hemp-based plastic alternatives. The hemp plant is insanely versatile.

How can CBD be produced more sustainably?

CBD is extracted from sustainably grown hemp at MAGU. This means less water, less pesticides and therefore less environmental damage compared to other crops.

We attach great importance to sustainable and regional cultivation. In the Weinviertel grow our plants, which we need among other things for our whole oil products and organic hemp teas. By keeping transport distances short, we can minimize our carbon footprint. We grow our high-quality CBD flowers in our own indoor production in Vienna. Our cultivation and production are located at the same place. On the roof of our production in Vienna we have a photovoltaic system. This allows us to generate emisson-free electricity from the power of the sun. We get 100% of the energy needed to grow our CBD favorites from hydropower. Hydropower is one of the most sustainable and efficient forms of energy.

CBD und Klimawandel - Hanfanbau

CBD can definitely be called climate-friendly and has potential in combating climate change. Every part of the plant can be processed into a product. This means that there is virtually no waste. In fact, few plants are capable of such a balance.

In Germany, cannabis is soon to be legalized under certain conditions. Since THC is illegal in many countries, synthetically produced alternatives that have a similar effect are often sought. Legalization could thus clear synthetic cannabinoids, which are produced with a lot of chemistry, from the market and thus be a positive contribution to environmental protection.

Conclusion on CBD and climate change

As Austrian CBD pioneers with a soft spot for sustainability, we are proud to do our part for the environment. We not only want to promote the conscious use of CBD, but also create a more sustainable future for all of us. You can find out more about sustainability at MAGU on our detailed sustainability page.

Together, we can fight climate change and keep our planet habitable for future generations. That’s something worth doing, right? Grab your CBD products, get inspired by their closeness to nature and be part of the green revolution. Only together can we make the world sustainable.

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