CBD and SEX: sexual pleasure

Let‘s talk about CBD and SEX, baby! CBD relaxes, we know that. But does it relax us so much that we no longer feel like having sex, or does CBD even have a beneficial effect on our desire? The answer to the question of whether two of man’s favourite pastimes go hand in hand, will be found here.

CBD against sexual performance pressure?

Alone, as a couple, as a trio… Often it’s the head that throws a spanner in the works and means that sex just won’t work. Then scenarios are thought up and the pressure to perform takes over. This is where CBD takes on its first possible role in lovemaking: stress management. Through its relaxing and stress-reducing effect, CBD can help to let thoughts be thoughts, to clear the mind and to direct the focus entirely on pleasure.

Our CBDeus Serum 5% is suitable for this purpose. With its water-based formulation, it can be quickly absorbed by the body and thus work wonders in acute stress situations.

CBD in the intimate are

Once the first hurdle has been overcome and you can let yourself go, you can take advantage of the stimulating effect of CBD. There are also cannabinoid receptors in the genital area. When these come into contact with CBD, the blood circulation in both vulva and penis is stimulated and the sensitivity of the sexual organs is increased. When using CBD in the intimate area, however, it is important to ensure that the products have a low terpene content and are well tolerated by the mucous membranes. Both CBD lubricant gel and our organic CBD oil are suitable for this. This can be used on the penis and vulva in general, and without hesitation in the vaginal and anal area. However, since oil and condoms do not get along well, special caution should be exercised here. Safety first, but CBD oil can also be spread very well with the hand 😉

So there is no need to waste a second thought on the concern that CBD inhibits libido. On the contrary. Cannabidiol could turn out to be quite a jackpot in the future as another partner in your sex life. Have fun! ☺️