With CBD through the pollen allergy

The nose itches, the eyes burn – it’s pollen season again. The culprits in a pollen allergy can be tree, grass, rye, ragweed and mugwort pollen. In general, an allergy is an overreaction of our immune system. Basically harmless substances are seen by the body as a threat and trigger typical symptoms in the respiratory tract. How CBD can help you with your pollen allergy in a natural way, we tell you now.

CBD for allergies

Conventional allergens are usually treated with antihistamines. This curbs histamine production and thus the allergy. Side effects such as fatigue and nausea are not uncommon. So how could you counteract a nasty pollen allergy in spring in a natural way?

This is where CBD comes into play. Cannabinoids, of which CBD is one, can be produced by the body itself. They stimulate part of our nervous system, which includes the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is sometimes responsible for our immune system and also for pain relief. The ECS prevents histamine, which is one of the triggers of allergies, from being released.

CBD und Pollen

How can CBD help with pollen allergy?

Basically, taking CBD does not make a pollen allergy disappear just like that. However, CBD can alleviate symptoms caused by an allergy.

  • CBD can strengthen our immune system. An allergy is particularly challenging for the immune system and therefore needs natural support.
  • CBD can have an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • CBD can calm the nerves, which are just at annoying allergy symptoms. The ECS regulates our emotions. High levels of seratonin (happy hormones) have a positive effect on overall well-being.
  • CBD can help with sleep. People who sleep better are more relaxed, calmer and more resistant to stress (for example, caused by annoying allergy symptoms).
  • CBD can have an antimicrobial effect. Many allergy sufferers also suffer from skin problems – associated with itching or pain. Through its antimicrobial effect, CBD can ensure that irritated areas heal better or protect the skin from airborne allergens in the first place.

Research is still in its infancy, so it may or may not be so!

Which CBD product should I take?

The selection of CBD products is large. Whether you prefer to take an oil, a cream or a tea is a matter of taste.

If you decide to use CBD oil, we recommend a full spectrum formulation. Why? Full Spectrum means that the entire cannabinoid spectrum is contained in one product. The interaction of the individual ingredients unleashes the maximum potential of all the ingredients of the hemp plant. So you can either reach for our Organic CBD Oil 5% or for an extra kick of energy for the Gold CBD Oil 5%.

A little tip on the side: If you suffer from severe hay fever, you can already take some CBD oil before it really starts. In the high season, you can then easily increase the dosage as needed.