Cannabis legalization in Germany

Cannabis Legalisierung Deutschland

In April 2023, the German government published the first key points for the introduction of controlled dispensing of cannabis to adults for consumption purposes. We think it’s good (for the first draft) and have a few comments on the upcoming cannabis legalization in Germany:

Production, supply and distribution of cannabis within a legalized framework are strictly state controlled. Submissions on quality, content, purity, etc. are to be ensured.

  • Products with unknown THC value are sold on the black market. Often they are mixed with toxins. We are for natural products and transparency and advocate testing, control and pure products.

Distribution may only take place with age control in licensed specialized stores.

  • This is very good. The effect of THC on the brain of young people is not harmless and therefore a strict protection of minors is important. This does not exist as long as cannabis is illegal.

The acquisition and possession of approximately 25g of cannabis for personal consumption is exempt from punishment in both the public and private spheres.

  • That is good for the first step. In this way, a market can develop with local partners (private associations) – without the interference of large international corporations.

In home cultivation, up to three female flowering plants are allowed. Self-cultivation is subject to notification..

  • We welcome the freedom to grow the plant ourselves and thus witness the intrinsically healing upbringing of plants. The advantage of self-cultivation is that it is easier to ensure the origin and naturalness of cannabis.

We have selected just a few points from the published key points paper on cannabis legalization and added our honest comments. We are already curious how it will really come in the end.

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