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Presents from MAGU

Surprise your loved ones with high quality CBD products

Are you convinced of CBD and can’t wait to introduce your loved ones to the benefits of the natural cannabinoid? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have thought long and lovingly compiled CBD Presents for you to give away. Whether for Christmas, a birthday or just in between.

Take your time and browse through our colorful gift sets. We are convinced that there is something for everyone. Besides socks and candles, CBD is something you always need.

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For all who seek inner balance
€ 39.90
  • Present
  • Relaxation & calm
  • Long lasting effect
CBD for gourmets
€ 24.90
  • Present
  • Bio & Vegan
  • Yummy CBD
€ 54.90
€ 54.90
€ 54.90
  • Present
  • Hoodie & Kaiserin
  • Maximum comfort
Package for all who menstruate
€ 59.90
  • Present
  • Support & relaxation
  • Fast effect
Perfect for beginners
€ 41.90
  • Present
  • To enjoy & learn
  • Quality CBD trio
CBD for pet and owner
€ 75.90
  • Present
  • Organic CBD for humans & pets
  • Double relaxation
Present for flower fans
€ 49.90
  • Present
  • Natural CBD flowers
  • For Fans

With our MAGU Gift Guide you are guaranteed to get through the pre-Christmas season stress-free this year. We are sure that there is the right CBD product for everyone. And if you’re thinking “this present would be perfect for me”, then treat yourself and give yourself a little treat!

Disclaimer: CBD products are not medications and cannot diagnose, treat or cure disease. Always consult your own physician before starting any new diet program.