6 Paws Present

  • Present
  • Organic CBD for humans & pets
  • Double relaxation
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What’s inside?

Our 6 Paws Present consists of our Organic CBD Oil 10% and our Small Animal CBD Oil. The organic CBD oil is composed of two important components, the Full Spectrum hemp extract and an organic hemp oil. We focus on the full spectrum of the hemp plant, that’s why all our oils are Full Spectrum. Due to its mild taste, the organic CBD oil is an absolute bestseller. As great animal lovers, we only want the best for our animals. What many don’t know is that CBD also offers many benefits for animals. Our small animal CBD oil comes from organic farming and comes without artificial additives. The animal oil is suitable for all rodents and dogs under 30 kg.

Why a 6 Paws Present?

Simply because pet and pet owner deserve exactly the same relaxation. Everyday life, whether on four or two “paws” can be stressful and exhausting. Many pet owners tell us that the pet CBD oil does their animal friends good and makes them calm down in various situations. Likewise, the organic CBD oil 10% provides relaxation for humans and can be easily integrated into everyday life.

  • Minimal THC
  • Gentle Extraction
  • Highest Quality


  • Organic CBD PIl 10% 10ml
  • Small animal CBD oil
6 Pfoten Geschenk-Set
Present with CBD Oil 10% and small Animal CBD Oil

Who is the Present for?

The 6 Paws present is for all cuddly animals and their terrific owners. Whether you give the gift set as a present or buy it for yourself and your pet, we believe that everyone deserves relaxation. With this gift set you have definitely made the right choice and give double relaxation.

Not only our CBD products are natural, but also our packaging. The gift set comes in a matching linen bag. The set included the described products and can not be exchanged for others.