Hybrid Combipack

  • Filters & Papes everywhere
  • 33 Filters
  • 4m Ultra Slim Papers
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What is the Hybrid Combi Pack?

The new Hybrid Kombipack makes turning easy, no matter where. The Hybrid Combi Pack combines what has belonged together for a very long time: filters and paper. The unique product is composed of Endless Paper Rolls and the special Hybrid Supreme filters. The packaging is made of sturdy cardboard, which you can easily take with you everywhere. The new combination fits in trouser pockets as well as handbags and always keeps things tidy. Searching for filters and papers is a thing of the past. With the Hybrid Combi Pack you have all the essentials in one fell swoop.

In the combo pack you will find 33 Hybrid Supreme filters and 4 meters of Ultra Slim Endless Paper. The length is exactly matched to the number of filters. So you don’t have to worry about ever running out of filters or papers while building. The papers are made from 100% organic hemp, with a glue strip made from Natural Arabic Gum from the Acacia tree. Everything is naturally made, completely natural and produced in Europe. The advantage to the Ultra Slim Papers is that they are paper thin and provide an exceptional smoking experience.

Why Hybrid Supreme Filter?

  • -38% pollutants*
  • -16% nicotine*
  • Up to -99% activated carbon dust*
  • 0% Smanding (clogging) at cool temperatures
  • 100% flavor

*Scientifically tested and confirmed. Compared to conventional activated carbon filters.

How does the Hybrid Supreme filter work?

  1. filtered:
    The smoke is pre-filtered by cellulose.
  1. reduced:
    The activated carbon filter removes the pollutants from the smoke.
  1. minimized:
    A different pulp reduces nicotine and activated carbon dust.
  1. optimized:
    The smoke is cooled and the flavor is thus intensified.


  • What are Hybrid Supreme Filters?

    Hybrid Supreme filters combine the advantages of classic activated carbon filters with cellulose filter components. The unique filter combination of the Hybrid Supreme Filter removes a particularly high proportion of pollutants from the smoke. What remains is a smooth smoking experience and the full aroma of your herbs.

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