Our MAGU CBD Gift Guide

Whether your loved ones, or your cousin’s aunt’s dog, who was spontaneously invited to join the Christmas party this year. Whether thought through, or bought at the last pusher. Whether one-, two-, three-, or four legs- one of our MAGU CBD products is always loved to be found underneath the wrapping paper. To be on point in choosing what exactly to gift to whom, our MAGU CBD Gift Guide will help you out by leading you through our sortiment!

Organic CBD Oil 20%

Give the gift of peace and serenity and save 20%. Our Full Spectrum Organic Oil 20% based on hemp nut oil is not only the savior in many stressful situations, but also our product of the month December. When the Christmas stress grows over one’s head and the body longs for calming, the organic oil is just the right gift.

Blossom Package

Our new blossom package is sure to make the Christmas hearts of our blossom lovers beat faster. The flowery Kaiser, the hoppy Reinhold and the fruity-minty Jane complement each other perfectly and form an irresistible trio.

CBD Pet Oil

Not only our human, but also our four-legged loved ones are happy about our CBD oil. Especially the upcoming New Year’s Eve robs many pets their sleep and nerves. With our soothing pet oil for small and large animals and cats, not only the animals’, but consequently also the owners’ New Year’s Eve way more stressless.

Gold CBD Oil

Focused through the exam phase or more active into the new year? Then our coconut oil-based Gold CBD Oil (MCT oil) should definitely be found underneath one’s Christmas tree.

CBDatteln (CBDates)

Whether as a delicious, vegan snack in between, or to calm down – with our CBDates/ CBDatteln you are with everyone at the right address, provided that the person receiving the gift likes dates and chocolate. 😉

Here’s to a relaxed Christmas shopping! 🎄 🎁