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€ 4.90
  • for extracts from own production
  • 0,5ml cartridge with 510 thread
  • Ceramic mouthpiece

With us you can buy filters, papers and grinders. Our MAGU bag made of Juco fibers simplifies your everyday life: ideal for chilling in the park or carrying groceries.

Filters and Papes in one swoop
€ 6.90
  • Filters & Papes everywhere
  • 33 Filters
  • 4m Ultra Slim Papers
exceptional smoking pleasure
€ 2.00
  • 11 cm length
  • 33 pieces of Hybrid Papers
  • 100% organic hemp fibers
Clipper lighter with MAGU Logo
€ 1.50
  • easy handling
  • simple design
  • ideal for on the way

The filter combination of Hybrid Supreme Filters removes a large proportion of pollutants from the smoke. What remains is a smooth smoking experience and the full flavor of your herbs.

smoother smoking pleasure and the full aroma
€ 6.20
  • less pollutants
  • activated carbon and pulp
  • full enjoyment
Slim Rolls made from organic hemp
€ 1.70
  • easy to use
  • natural material
  • perfect for on the go
Original OCB Premium King Size Papes
€ 1.30
  • easy to use
  • natural material
  • perfect for on the go
Alles rund ums Thema CBD
€ 17.50
  • Informativ & sachlich
  • gut verständlich aufbereitet
  • wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse
MAGU carrier bag from JUCO
€ 2.90
  • made from sustainable material
  • ethical trade certified
  • practical for on the way
Mini Grinder Keychain
€ 2.50
  • approx. 30mm diameter
  • key ring
  • high quality material

Disclaimer: CBD products are not medications and cannot diagnose, treat or cure disease. Always consult your own physician before starting any new diet program.