Moroccan Dream – CBG Pollinate

  • CBG Pollinate
  • Fresh & invigorating
  • Cannabinoid Boost
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Delivery Time:
1-3 business days for austria and germany
5-10 business days

What is our Moroccan dream?

Moroccan Dream is our first CBG Pollinate. Pollinate, also known as “hash”, is pressed resin in the highest concentration. Our high quality “hash” can be seen as a so-called cannabinoid boost. For example, if the cannabinoids in the flowers are not enough for you, you can easily increase the content with it.

How do we produce our CBG Pollinate?

We obtain our pollinate in a special way. We freeze our high-quality hemp plant and flower material and then put the whole thing together with ice cubes in a water bath. This way the cannabinoids and terpenes become as brittle as possible. After that, we can extract all the valuable ingredients that collect at the bottom. In the next step we sieve the ingredients and remove the coarser parts of the plant. We then press the pollinate into its familiar form. Based on this gentle process, the hash is very aromatic. We do not add any additional terpenes. We attach great importance to a natural composition of our products and have managed to offer our CBG Pollinate in high and pure quality to our customers.

What does Moroccan Dream smell like?

Moroccan Dream is reminiscent of mint. Our CBG “Hash” is invigorating and gives you a proper freshness kick.

  • Minimal THC
  • Highest Quality
  • Cruelty Free


8% CBG and 20% CBD

Variety Cannabis Sativa L.


Our pollinate can give you the necessary “pep” and is versatile. Moroccan Dream can be added to your other flowers, for example. So you can increase the content in a natural way.

Frequently asked questions about hash or pollinate

  • What is hash?

    Hash is the short form of hashish, also called pollinate, and refers to the pressed resin of processed hemp plant and flower material. The production is usually very complex.

  • Is hash legal?

    Yes, hash is legal. But only if the maximum THC content is below 0.2% or 0.3% (in Austria).

  • What is the difference between flower and hash?

    CBD flowers stand for the buds of the female cannabis plant. Hash stands for pressed resin, which is sometimes extracted from the flowers. CBD flowers as well as hash are pure natural products and contain many valuable ingredients of the cannabis plant.

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