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The King Palm Mini Rolls are perfect for relaxing after a hard day’s work.
They contain about one gram of the finest herbs. The environmentally friendly,
natural palm leaf, in combination with the corn husk filter tip, ensures a mild and flavourless smoking experience.
mild and flavour-neutral smoking experience. You can also choose between different flavours.

Banana Cream

King Palm Banana Cream is the ideal choice for all lovers of fruity, creamy flavours.
The use of high-quality, natural banana terpenes creates a wonderful banana flavour that is
banana flavour reminiscent of a delicious, creamy banana milkshake. This
flavour blends harmoniously with the natural taste of your herbs and creates
creates an unrivalled smoking experience, where the focus is on good flavour.
flavour takes centre stage. Immerse yourself in a world of enjoyment in which the fruity creaminess
of King Palm Banana Cream pampers your senses.

Watermelon Wave

The fruity freshness of King Palm Watermelon Wave is reminiscent of a cool watermelon
watermelon enjoyed on a hot summer’s day. Thanks to the careful
selection of high-quality watermelon terpenes, an unrivalled watermelon flavour is created
watermelon flavour that envelops your senses. At the same time, the natural flavour
flavour of your herbs is emphasised at the highest level. The result is a unique smoking experience
smoking experience where flavour takes centre stage and the memories of sun-drenched
memories of sun-drenched summer days.

Fruit Passion
We’ve made this King Palm with natural fruit-derived terpenes so you can enjoy delicious, fruity flavours with every puff. By gently squeezing the Cornhusk filter between your fingers, you open the flavour capsule and enrich your smoke with a whole range of fruity notes. From the moment you release the sweet and tangy flavours to your very last puff, you will enjoy the experience of our Fruit Passion pre-rolled cones.

King Palm Blunt Cones

Simply stuff tobacco and nicotine-free blunts yourself…
The pre-turned, empty cones are made by hand from high-quality palm leaves.
by hand. They offer the original blunt feeling and burn super smooth. The
cones are available in different sizes: Mini Rolls (1.0g), Slim Rolls (1.5g), King
(2.0g), XL (3.0g), XXL (5.0g) – the manufacturer’s filling quantity is given in brackets.
The cones are equipped with a high-quality filter made from corn husks, which provides a perfect
mouthfeel and optimum draught.
Some filters also have a special feature: they contain a small ball of delicious terpenes.
They contain a small ball of delicious terpenes – a quick press is all it takes to release the fine flavour.
King Palm blunts are supplied in practical, resealable bags with a matching tamping tool (bamboo).
matching tamping tool (bamboo stick). The bags also contain a
Boveda Moisture Pack, which ensures that the cones always maintain the perfect moisture level.
the perfect moisture level.

KingPalm® Blunt Cones – Sustainable and low in pollutants

KingPalm® – founded in California in 2016 and now known and successful throughout the USA
and successful, the brand is now also increasingly represented in Europe. KingPalm®
produces the highest-quality, most sustainable and lowest-pollutant blunt cones on the market
market – guaranteed nicotine-free and without pesticides or other toxins.
King Palm Blunts are made from natural ingredients – they are made from
organic Cordia palm leaves found throughout South East Asia. These
Cordia leaves are carefully cut and rolled by hand to create the perfect casing for the precious herbs.
the valuable herbs. During processing, only purified water is used for
water is used for cleaning.
Inside the cones are environmentally friendly filter tips made entirely from real corn husk.
corn husk.
After the elaborate production process, the King Palm Blunts are dried,
cured and packed with a Boveda moisture pack.