CBD and taste

CBD und Geschmack

Many people associate CBD products with a bitter taste. It is a pity if they do without CBD for this reason and can not benefit from the many advantages of the hemp plant. Why CBD actually tastes rather bitter and what you can do for a more pleasant taste experience, we reveal in the blog article.

The natural flavor profiles of CBD products

The selection of CBD products is continuously increasing. The production and additives can make the products taste quite different from each other:

  • CBD oils: Quality differences in CBD oils are also noticeable in the taste. Depending on the carrier oil used, high-quality CBD oils usually taste nutty, earthy (hemp oil) or neutral, mild (MCT oil). Many describe the taste of CBD oils as bitter and tart.
  • CBD flowers: Depending on the terpenes used, the taste of CBD flowers differs. From sweet to fruity to earthy, everything can be there.

Why does CBD taste so bitter?

There is no one reason. We list a few possibilities that can have an impact on your taste experience:

  • Natural ingredients: CBD products are extracted from hemp plants, which contain natural terpenes and flavonoids. Some of these natural ingredients may have a bitter taste and be reflected in the CBD products.
  • Extraction process: The taste of CBD can also be influenced by the extraction process. Depending on the method and technique, certain flavor components can be strengthened or weakened. Through an innovative process, we extract the ingredients particularly gently, which preserves them in the maximum bioavailable form. Our organic CBD oils have a particularly mild as well as pleasant taste compared to conventional CBD oils.
  • Individual sensitivity: Every person has an individual taste sensitivity. Some people are more sensitive to bitter tastes and perceive the bitter taste of CBD, for example, more than others.

Ways to improve the taste of CBD products

If you find a CBD product too bitter, there are a few ways to go for a more pleasant taste experience. Our water-soluble CBDeus line and the CBD Sleep, which combines CBD with melatonin, are already very bitter. Here, we recommend drinking the products with a glass of water. Since our CBDeus products are water soluble, they can be mixed into a delicious drink, unlike CBD oils. You can also mix a CBD oil into your salad dressing or a dip, for example.

If you are not a fan of “classic” CBD oils, then we can only recommend our CBDFresh. This special cannabidiol oil has a pleasant and fresh minty taste. Since it is a spray, the application and dosage is also simple and straightforward. In addition, we also have fruity CBD products. Our CBD Gummies are perfect for those who don’t like the bitter taste at all. The raspberry-lemon and orange varieties are pleasantly sweet. Pomegranate, on the other hand, is for those who like it sweet and sour.

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