CBD and coffee – How does it work?

CBD und Kaffee

You’ve probably heard of the trendy but interesting blend of CBD and coffee. CBD and caffeine are both substances with unique benefits and effects. In the blog article, we explain what the new trendy drink is really all about.

What are the benefits of coffee and CBD?

Coffee is by far one of the most popular hot drinks in the world. Even if a cappuccino, espresso or melange is not part of your daily routine, you surely know that caffeine is a stimulant of the central nervous system and after a short time can already provide more alertness, concentration and energy.

With CBD, a natural cannabinoid from the hemp plant, it’s actually the other way around. We humans have an endogenous cannabinoid system that interacts with plant cannabinoids like CBD. Many customers attribute CBD with pleasantly calming, relaxing, but also pain-relieving properties.

What does CBD do in combination with coffee?

Too much caffeine can cause restlessness, nervousness, irritability, or even shaky hands in some people. Caffeine withdrawal, on the other hand, leads to unbearable headaches. Thus, an appropriate mix of CBD and caffeine could lead to a positive interaction, as both substances have an impact on the nervous system. If everything goes well, the combination of CBD and caffeine could be the best of both worlds.

In a recent study has even been shown that CBD in high doses can enhance the effects of caffeine or prolong its duration of action.

Recipe idea:

To get the most out of the CBD and coffee combination, we have a few tips for you. The best thing to do is brew yourself a decent cup of coffee and then add a few drops of our Gold CBD Oil. Why Gold CBD Oil? Gold CBD Oil has MCT coconut oil as its base and is particularly gentle on the digestive system. It is very popular in the CBD coffee community because it can compensate for restlessness and shaky hands.

You can also add our water soluble CBDeus Spray or CBDeus Serum to your coffee. Here, however, it is important to note that in addition no fat source (eg milk) is mixed!

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