Dogs & CBD

Did you know that dogs can also benefit from the effects of CBD? You have heard about it and want to try it, but you are not sure if and how? Whether you’re a long-time CBD fan or a total newbie, this article will tell you everything you need to know about CBD for dogs!

Is this even good for them?

Dogs, like humans, have a natural endocannabinoid system. This suggests that they can also benefit from the effects of CBD. Since CBD also has a very good safety profile according to the WHO, there are many pet owners who have been administering CBD to their pets for a long time.

What can you take CBD for or against?

Common complaints are aging symptoms, thunderstorm anxiety, epilepsy, nervousness during e.g. travel, moving & medical treatments. But also with fatigue or bad mood CBD can support. Our product testers have also reported a positive influence on allergic reactions and respiratory diseases. So there is a wide range of applications to improve the well-being of your pet!

How do I recognize a good CBD oil?

As with all CBD products, the first priority is quality! And how do you recognize good quality? As a layman, this is of course a bit more difficult, so we recommend: Look for certificates of analysis and recommendations for consumption. With our products you can find the certificates directly on the product page.

With our CBD oils for animals there was also the possibility to test our products in advance. That’s why we asked: Would you recommend our product to your friends or colleagues? And the answer was 100% yes!*

Which product is suitable for dogs?

Both our small animal CBD oil and our large animal CBD oil are suitable for dogs. It just depends on the weight of your pet. For dogs under 30kg we recommend the small animal CBD oil. If your dog weighs more than 30kg, then the CBD oil for large animals is exactly the right product!

Is CBD also suitable for other animals?

Yes! In any case. That is why our oils are not called dog oils. Because other small and large animals can also benefit from the effect e.g. rabbits and horses. For cats there is a separate product. Why this is so, we explain here.

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