Why are CBD products so expensive?

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CBD is on everyone’s lips and you can now buy it almost everywhere. You have probably already noticed that CBD products are not exactly cheap. We are also often asked about the prices. In this blog article on “Why are CBD products so expensive?”, we will show you understandable reasons for our prices.

Reasons for the price of CBD products

High quality and good CBD has its price, because there are many factors behind it. Where there is good in it, a positive well-being can also result. Side effects often come from bad CBD or a too high and therefore illegal THC content. In the blog category “Flower Expertise” you will learn, among other things, why we do not sell flowers with too much CBD or how to recognize good CBD flowers.

1. Production and harvesting

No CBD without hemp. Hemp must be cultivated for the production of CBD oils and other CBD products. In the EU, there are only certain commercial hemp varieties that are certified and approved. Our hemp experts put a lot of work and time into the cultivation of the hemp plants, be it in our own production hall in Vienna or on our outdoor field in the Weinviertel. Harvesting is also time and effort consuming. We harvest by hand with a lot of care and love, so that we can always guarantee the highest quality. A lot of money therefore already goes into the cultivation, rearing and harvesting. All this later also plays a role in the final product price.

You can find even more details about our growing conditions on our sustainability page.

2. Extraction method

We attach great importance to a gentle extraction process so that we can obtain the full spectrum of all cannabinoids and terpenes. There are many different methods for the extraction. Suitable solvents include hexane, butane, alcohol and CO2. A complex extraction method is expensive and also affects the final product price. If you want to know how exactly the extraction of our CBD oils looks like, go to the following blog article: From Hemp Plant to Product – The Production of CBD Oil.

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3. Quality standards

Not all CBD is the same. We are firmly convinced of this! Highest quality is our priority. We have all our products tested by independent laboratories and publish the certificates of analysis. Among other things, our products are tested for cannabinoid and THC content, microorganisms, residues of heavy metals and solvents. All our CBD oils have been awarded the AC-Tropfen seal of quality by ARGE CANNA. This independent seal of approval stands for high quality and is only awarded to Austrian manufacturers who produce regional, seasonal, organic full-spectrum products. For this we have undergone a strict and elaborate testing procedure at our own expense.

4. Manpower and technology

Cultivation, breeding, harvesting, extraction and distribution require dedicated workers and modern technology. Without our team, we would not be where we are today. In addition, we are always working on new and innovative products that take a lot of time and research. We believe in high quality CBD products that are affordable for everyone. For this reason, we offer our cannabis products at fair prices: Fair for our customers and fair for our employees.


Very good manufacturing, gentle extraction processes, quality standards, dedicated labor play a big role in why CBD products are expensive. If you want high quality, you have to spend a little bit on it. But what we can promise you is that high quality is definitely worth it and will be noticeable when you use it.

But if you want to save some money, we can recommend you our great packages, which consist of different product combinations. We also have a newsletter where you can find different monthly offers and other discount codes.

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